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“The great thing about Starbloom is how it makes you feel like you’re creating planets and stars with just a sweep of your fingertip.”
-Evan Narcisse (Kotaku)

Explore a New Sonic Universe with Starbloom for iOS

REDMOND, Wash. — Shadegrown Games, the studio behind upcoming music game Planck, is proud to announce Starblooma brand new musical experience built from the ground up for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

In Starbloom, orbiting planets pulsate with sound and send ring-shaped waves of stellar matter into space. Players draw their fingers along the surface of the screen, collecting the matter and earning bonuses under certain conditions. Five levels are included, each with unique art and music.

There are two different game modes. In Creation mode, players must avoid touching the planets; but in Destruction mode, collisions are an integral part of the gameplay.

Starbloom is meant to be a relaxing experience. We thought a lot about circular motion and how to add a meditative feel to the action,” says Matthew Burns, founder of Shadegrown Games and the composer for Starbloom. “We want players to put on headphones and dive into Starbloom, zoning out to this unique experience.”

Starbloom will be available at a special discounted price of $0.99 for the week of October 15th, after which it will go to its regular price of $1.99. A full-featured release with a single, up-front price, Starbloom runs counter to the seemingly unstoppable trend of “free” games that seek to make money through micro-transactions. “It’s an unusual game. I think people will see our videos and screenshots and instantly know if they want it or not,” explains Burns.

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About Shadegrown
Based in the Seattle area, Shadegrown Games was founded by Matthew Burns—a game industry veteran with credits on the Call of Duty and Halofranchises—and staffed by developers eager to explore new avenues of game design. The name “Shadegrown” reflects the company’s vision for game development: Coffee growers know that while yields can be increased by packing plants into as little space as possible, fewer pesticides and better soil are achieved by growing the coffee plant in its original habitat—in the shade of the canopy. Similarly, the game industry often pursues the maximum possible harvest—but this process can exhaust players with incremental improvements and drive away diversity in game design. Shadegrown Games believes in a sustainable form of game development that nurtures original creations—resulting in more meaningful experiences.

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