Press Kit

Developer: My Dog Zorro

Location: North Brunswick, New Jersey

Release date: January 31, 2017

Platforms: PS4 & Steam (Windows/Mac)


Price: $9.99


My Dog Zorro


Awards & Recognition

  • Gameacon Crystal Awards: Winner, “Game of the Year” (2016)
  • Bit Awards: Winner, “Rising Pixel”; Nominee, “Best Style” & “Best PC/Console Game” (2016)
  • IndieCade: Official Selection (2016)
  • PAX East: Official Selection, Indie Minibooth (2016)
  • Different Games Conference: Official Selection (2016)
  • Sheep’s Meow: Official Selection (2016)
  • IndieCade: Game Tasting Spotlight Selection (2016)
  • PlayWell Winter Arcade: Official Selection (2016)
  • Playcrafting Demo Night:Official Selection (2016)


Press Quotes

“Finding a game like Linelight feels like a blessing.”
— Peter Brown, GameSpot

“We sampled Linelight at E3 2016 and quite simply couldn’t get enough.”
— Marcus Estrada, Hardcore Gamer

“It’s the sort of game I can play for literally any length of time—as little as a minute or two—and still come away feeling like I’ve accomplished something.”
— Andy Chalk, PC Gamer

“A mix of contemplative brilliance.”
— Lou Contaldi, DualShockers

“After nearly twenty years in this job, it still doesn’t get any less exciting to find a lovely new game.”
— John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun

“Linelight is nothing short of a stroke of genius.”
— Jordan Helm, Hardcore Gamer

“Pure, unadulterated gameplay.”
— Griffin McElroy & Nick Robinson, Polygon

Linelight may very well be THE sleeper hit of E3 this year.”
Dave Navarro, Slickster Magazine

“I’ve played the demo several times — [and] every time it feels fresh, fun, complete.”
— Brian Crecente, Polygon


Review Requests

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Brett Taylor


Contact & Other Info

Press contact:
Novy Unlimited

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Linelight is a refreshingly inventive, minimalist puzzle-adventure experience. It takes the wildly simple premise of “What if everything takes place on a line?” and rockets it into outer space.

There’s no jump button. There’s no shoot button. You can, however, move, and that one ability creates a universe of possibilities and one mind-bending experience. Each mechanic is immediately understandable, then gradually combined with familiar elements, leading to an exponentially large array bursting with puzzles, each with a one-of-a-kind solution.

Wrapped in a blanket of soft, calming visuals and an energetic, soothing soundtrack, Linelight simulates the experience of getting an A+ on an exceptionally hard test while receiving a back massage.

Linelight is a refreshingly inventive, minimalist puzzle game that asks “What if everything takes place on a line?” and rockets it into outer space. The core design mantra is “Simplify until another reduction would remove the puzzle,” and Linelight revels in the natural beauty and depths of puzzle design without noise, providing the player everything they need to reach its hundreds of grin-inducing “Aha!” moments.

Key Features

  • Bask in the soft glow of a world made out of straight lines.
  • Experience 6 hours of pure, unadulterated gameplay.
  • Solve more than 250 unique puzzles across 6 unique worlds.
  • Enjoy a Zen-like, ethereal soundtrack, and enter a state of flow.
  • Explore the intricacies of each world to uncover secret challenges.


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