Public Relations

Novy Unlimited provides game public relations (PR) services that include product launches across all major platforms, update and event announcements, creative and editorial analysis, retail prep, Steam analysis, corporate PR, positioning/messaging, post-mortems, contributed pieces, commentary program, and Reddit AMAs. We also pitch to top-tier publications, trades, and influencers.


Novy Unlimited provides marketing services that include social media, community management, forum outreach, advertising, promotions, contests, competitions, giveaways, streaming, event support, and strategic philanthropy.


Novy Unlimited provides consultation through playthroughs, quality assurance (QA), user interface (UI), art, audio, user experience, text edits, localization,and Unity consulting.


  • Use technology to our advantage; ability to ‘turn on a dime’
  • Minimum overhead and maximum flexibility
  • Personal attention with our professional ‘hands-on’ approach


  • Product, corporate, and event PR
  • Strategic marketing – positioning and ancillary materials (e.g., trailers, website)
  • Promotion through social networks
  • Development consulting


  • Promoted more than 500 different video games (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and console)
  • Secured positive reviews for most titles
  • Fully funded (or more!) Kickstarter campaigns
  • Turned Greenlight Campaigns into Greenlit!

Bugs. 0 followers. Poor reviews.

We’ve seen and solved it all.

After 11 years in the industry, Novy understands every hurdle of game development and launch.

Low Instagram following?
We’ll build your social media personas.

No influencer or press contacts?
We’ll make those connections.

Clueless about marketing?
We’ll tailor a strategy.

No launch trailer or web copy?
We’ll create the best.

General confusion?
We’ll offer expert consultation.

Our solutions stem from grit, curiosity,
and a deep love of indie games.

Let’s make yours succeed.