Company Overview

We're gamers. We're doers.

We understand Reddit and The New York Times. We tweet when it makes sense, we say “no” and we insist on being on-time, on-target and in for the kill. If you want mindless email distributions and boring press releases, look elsewhere. If you want creativity, passion, a deep understanding of game development and grit, you’re our kind of client. Together, we’ll change the world one game at a time. Together, we’re unbeatable.
Novy has done an excellent job and has greatly amplified our launch. This week, The Spatials was everywhere and traffic was an order of magnitude higher on our home page — which is a good indicator, since it only has indirect linking from the Steam store page. And more importantly, the exposure greatly helped get more clicks even inside Steam — since people recognized the name and logo from their browsing. If it wasn’t for Novy’s work, we could have sunk early and fast.
Carlos Carrasco

Weird and Wry

It’s rare that I get a press release with a subject line I don’t want to change, but not that one; it remains fully intact.
Kirk Hiner

Editor, TechnologyTell

Novy is the best PR team! Ty guys, we’re having tons of success with our launch. -#indiedev
Matt Siegel & Robert Del Papa

Bit Mass, CardsAndCastles

Hiring Novy PR to help launch our first game was easily the best investment we have ever made. We got amazing coverage, hit the front page of the App Store and Google Play, and ended up with a devoted fan base that has been following us ever since.
Seth & Sam Coster

Co-Founders, Butterscotch Shenanigans

I’ve been super happy with our move to a PR agency (Novy) over doing it ourselves.
Brian Bucklew

Freehold Games

I typically follow up with the developers, or the PR firm representing them, in order to gather some additional info about the project. However, Novy’s initial email was so detailed that I didn’t need to follow up.
Patrick Tretina

Indie Game Magazine


  • Use technology to our advantage; ability to ‘turn on a dime’
  • Minimum overhead and maximum flexibility
  • Personal attention with our professional ‘hands-on’ approach


  • Product, corporate, and event PR
  • Strategic marketing – positioning and ancillary materials (e.g., trailers, website)
  • Promotion through social networks
  • Development consulting


  • Promoted more than 100 different video games (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and console)
  • Secured positive reviews for most titles
  • Fully funded (or more!) Kickstarter campaigns
  • Turned Greenlight Campaigns into Greenlit!

Public Relations

 Novy provides game public relations (PR) services such as product launches (Steam, App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, etc.), update and event announcements, mock reviews, creative analysis, editorial analysis, retail prep, Steam analysis, corporate PR, positioning/messaging, post-mortems, contributed pieces, commentary program, and Reddit AMAs. We pitch to top-tier publications, trades, YouTubers, Twitchers, bloggers, and other influencers.


 Novy Unlimited provides a variety of marketing services – such as social media, community management, forum outreach, advertising, promotions, contests, competitions, giveaways, streaming, event support, and strategic philanthropy.


Playthroughs, quality assurance (QA), user interface (UI), art, audio, user experience, text edits, localization, and Unity consulting.