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Novy Unlimited provides a number of creative services for developer and publisher clients – including logo design, key art creation, online press kits, web development, company sites, product landing pages, video ads, trailer production, product walkthroughs, explainer videos, narrated game guides, wiki creation and updates, comps and animated GIFs, social media and ad creatives, and 3D printing.


As part of our “Do-It-Yourself Developer” series, we created infographics explaining how to create effective game marketing materials and producing a memorable game trailer. Click to expand each infographic below!

A guide to creating effective game marketing materials.
DIY Developer: Guide to Producing a Memorable Game Trailer

Logo Design

Race against the clock and battle the undead in this co-op survival horror series. We helped redesign Dead Drop Studios’ corporate branding and create a logo design for multiple titles in the Outbreak series – such as Outbreak: Endless Nightmares.

We redesigned Error300 Games’ branding for their mobile puzzle games, Bulbs 2.0 and Tangram Collection. Bulbs 2.0 invites you to mix different colors to eventually bathe the whole board with white light while Tangram Collection is a new spin on a classic puzzle.

Gather clues, find the evidence,
and prove your innocence – or
shift the blame to others – in Plus2 Entertainment’s online mystery game, Clue Syndicate. For this project, we designed new corporate and game logos.

Key Art

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares

The nightmare continues for Lydia and her fellow survivors. Experience true horror in this co-op survival horror roguelike.

Our Creative team designed several key art variants for this project.

Trailers, Teasers, App Previews & Walkthroughs

From trailers to teasers to app previews to even walkthroughs and guide videos – we’ve done it all! Check out some of the videos we’ve created. Make sure to stop by our YouTube channel to check out our Novy Creations playlist!

Web Development

2040: Critical Mistrust

Enter a world of deception in 2040: Critical Mistrust to save the planet and restore peace. We designed the website for GameExPro’s upcoming multiplayer VR escape game, 2040: Critical Mistrust.

Novy has the answers for your creative, production, PR, and marketing needs. We’re here to unleash your potential – and bring your game to players everywhere.