Totem Forge

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Developer: Exaltrix

Location: Stavropol – Russia

Release date: October 26, 2016

Platforms: iOS


Price: $2.99

Business contact:
Press contact: Novy PR

Totem Forge


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Selected Features & Reviews

“An original take on puzzle games, Totem Forge offers players a mature, polished look coupled with streamlined gameplay mechanics.”
– GameCry

“Created by Russian studio Exaltrix, Totem Forge distills core tenets of the genre in a package that’s made to order for discerning puzzle fans and beginners alike.”
Galit Gordon (Gaming Cypher)

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Alexander Samarin
Founder & Developer

Novy Unlimited

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Novy Unlimited

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Totem Forge is a turn-based puzzle game with a strategy twist. A single procedurally-generated level provides an endless variety of gameplay situations. Your goal is to earn the highest score by using elements and tools at your disposal to make combinations and affect the game board — all while keeping it from being filled. You need to think strategically and plan ahead to achieve the greatest results. And watch out for those mysterious Totems!

Key Features

  • Enjoy a wholly original design based on familiar Match-3 mechanics.
  • Plan ahead to implement spectacular combos.
  • Confront evil Golems that mess with your moves.
  • Evolve magical Totems!
  • Listen carefully: Golems and Totems are voiced by legendary beatbox artist Heatbox.
  • Play for a couple of minutes — or hours!
  • Enjoy a rich atmosphere complete with treasure, magical Totems, sophisticated visual effects, and an epic music score.