Naked Sun

An intense futuristic VR shooter


Door Z Studio

“Extremely comfortable to play, has great gun control mechanics and will draw you in enough to probably complete it in one sitting. ” – Peter Graham (VR Focus)


Battle an Aggressive AI Aboard a Train Barreling Toward Mexico City in Naked Sun

Now available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets

  LONDON  – July 17, 2018 – The action-packed VR shooter Naked Sun is launching today on SteamVR! Take on the role of “Blackbird” – the first successful human-machine hybrid – in this intense VR shooter set aboard a futuristic cargo train on a non-stop ride to oblivion. Created by UK developer Door Z, Naked Sun’s jaw-dropping visuals – rendered over a 180-degree field of action – are perfect for devices without room scale. Placing the game’s protagonist on a moving train has the added benefit of avoiding motion sickness altogether – a first for VR first-person shooters. 1 – 0 for the Machines At the start of the 23rd century, humans finally lost the Earth to artificial intelligence. Machines turned against their creators as every android was updated with a new prime directive: Eliminate all humans. Abandoned cities, high radiation levels, and the constant android threat has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. A handful of survivors hide in the Deadlands (ruins of ancient cities destroyed by nuclear wars) and are doggedly fighting back. However, the enemy is stronger – and the only way humans can survive is to attack! Your mission: Intercept a cargo train bound for Mexico City (once the global capital) to kill the city’s defense systems. Once inside, your goal is to disable the mainframe in control of the planet. Getting Mexico City back is the only way to turn the tide of war and save countless human lives. “After working on several concepts for Naked Sun, we realized that forward movement really makes VR ‘pop’ – especially when moving at high speeds or transitioning between environments on a platform,” says Maksim Burdilov, CEO at Door Z Studio. “We’re thrilled to have solved the motion sickness problem with Naked Sun – and we couldn’t be more proud of the finished product. VR first-person shooter fans are in for a treat!” Key Features
  • Enjoy a 180-degree field of action – perfect for devices without room-scale tracking.
  • Experience intense action without a hint of motion sickness.
  • Immerse yourself in a detailed, high-speed world.
  • Go tactical with destructible in-game objects.
  • Take in the sights with a stunning, constantly changing environment.
Pricing & Availability Naked Sun is now available on Steam for $11.19 (a 30% discount). The game will return to its original price of $15.99 on July 24 – one week after launch. Naked Sun will be available on the Oculus Store and PlayStation Store (PSVR) in August. Steam URL: Assets Trailer YouTube Download Screenshots & Logos IMGUR Download Social Media Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – About Door Z Studio Based in London and founded in 2017 by Maksim Burdilov, Door Z Studio is an independent developer that creates immersive VR experiences featuring high-speed movement and constant action. Other team members include game designer Alexey Kurbatov, C++ programmer Alexey Kryshen, Unreal developer Andrey Lebedev, gameplay designer Arseniy Golovinsky, visual designer Stas Mikhailov, sound designer Andrew Netdog, and PR manager Valeria Akhramovich. Fast-paced, futuristic VR shooter Naked Sun is the studio’s first title. For more information on Door Z Studio and Naked Sun, please visit

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