Safe House

A slick puzzle game tinged in ’60s spy intrigue


Labs Games

“Safe House uses an art style and storyline that would make one of the classic spy films of years gone by proud.”

– Andrew Newton (Flickering Myth)


Operate & Manage Your Very Own Spy Ring in Safe House


Run silent, run deep in this strategy game inspired by ‘60s covert ops – now on Steam

  VANCOUVER, British Columbia – May 22, 2018 – Stylish, spy-themed strategy game Safe House – developed and published by Labs Games – has arrived on Steam! With an art style that harkens back to classic spy films, Safe House will transport you to the fictional world of Kazataire – a nation suffering from chronic corruption after a devastating military coup. Take on the role of a CIA intelligence officer who joins an elite espionage task force bent on collecting valuable intel and toppling those in power. Get ready to recruit, train, and deploy spies from a top-secret location that’s perfect for running a modern spy ring; you will complete missions to earn new abilities and unlock operations – leading to a number of possible endings. A spy’s life is never easy: To earn revenue, use tradecraft to break codes, forge IDs, exchange secret phrases, and more! Safe House offers players a more realistic but fascinating look at the day-to-day operations of spy rings,” says Mark Collins, spokesperson for Labs Games. “Most spy games ‘go all 007’ and focus primarily on action. With Safe House, we took the road less traveled through slower-paced, meticulous gameplay – and the results speak for themselves.” Key Features
  • Construct and manage your own top-secret spy headquarters.
  • Devise and solve a variety of spy-themed puzzles – such as decoding scrambled messages, forging documents, and exchanging secret phrases.
  • Embark on a non-linear single player campaign and unlock multiple endings based on your choices.
  • Play your way in the unpredictable ‘Endless’ mode.
  • Enjoy an iconic art style reminiscent of ‘60s spy movie classics.
Pricing & Availability Safe House is now available on Steam for $8.99 (10% off). The game will return to its original price of $9.99 on May 29 – one week after launch. Steam URL: Assets Trailer YouTube Download Screenshots & Logos IMGUR Download Social Media Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – About Labs Games Based in Vancouver, Labs Games is a small developer founded in 2015. With the flexibility that comes with being a micro studio, Labs Games is able to create fun, experimental titles like Safe House.    

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