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“Momentum has a lovely look about it that feels somewhat futuristic.”

Marcus Estrada (Cliqist)


Manipulate 3D Labyrinths & Master Gravity in Momentum (PC, Mac & Linux)


SALT LAKE CITY – Nov. 5, 2014 Projectile Entertainment’s Momentum is now on Kickstarter seeking $11,500 from fans of physics-driven gameplay and original design. Created by Kelly Harper and Isaac Harper, Momentum is a physics-based platformer that allows players to manipulate 3D labyrinths high above the ground in a stunning mix of twitch gameplay and spatial awareness. A playable demo (PC) is available right now.

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Expertly modeled with striking “tracks” akin to a 3D rollercoaster and top-notch sphere animation/texturing, Momentum successfully balances challenging gameplay with a relaxing mood—thanks to a soothing, Zen-like electronic soundtrack. Players race against the clock to maneuver a sphere to its destination, making use of gravity and momentum to navigate each track. One mistake is all it takes: Lose control, and watch the sphere disintegrate into a million tiny pieces!

Momentum is also on Steam Greenlight. With a large majority of “yes” votes, the game is 10% of the way toward the “Top 100” and has been included in two collections so far. Momentum’s Kickstarter campaign will end on Wednesday, Dec. 3 at 8:52 a.m. PST / 11:52 a.m. EST.

Momentum is a paradoxical game in many ways,” says Kelly Harper, founder of Projectile Entertainment. “It can be quite difficult, but never unfair. It requires a gamepad for precise control, but it’s on PC, Mac and Linux (at least for now). It challenges players, yet it leads to a feeling of inner peace. We can’t wait to read everyone’s impressions after they play the demo!”


Key Features

  • Manipulate labyrinths: Master gravity to guide your sphere to its destination.
  • Balance speed with caution: Race against the clock, but beware: The road ahead is treacherous.
  • Achieve a state of Zen: Let the music be your guide. Master the game, and master yourself.
  • Unlock unique skins: Customize your sphere with a variety of skins, including an awesome hamster ball.
  • Play your own way: Quick and dirty or carefully confident; it doesn’t matter as long as the sphere survives the journey. Use wit and skill to find the quickest paths while avoiding certain death.


Kickstarter demo

Gameplay trailer

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About Projectile Entertainment
Projectile Entertainment is composed of Utah students, Kelly Harper and Isaac Harper, who founded Projectile to start their game development careers on the right foot. Isaac is the composer and audio engineer; Kelly is the lead designer, artist, and programmer. For more information on Momentum, please visit

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