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“An outstanding fantasy tactics game”
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Time to Deploy, Destroy, and Dethrone: Rubicon’s Combat Monsters has Gone Gold!

Now Available for iOS, Android, and PC

LONDON – Oct. 23, 2013Combat Monsters, created by award-winning indie studio Rubicon Development, has been unleashed on unsuspecting strategy fans. A unique combination of tactical combat and collectible card game, Combat Monsters is a love letter to staples such as Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon with a full serving of Rubicon’s legendary humor and polish – last seen in the BAFTA-nominated Great Big War Game.

“If you’re a fan of CCGs and/or turn-based tactical strategy games, we made this for you.” – Paul Johnson (Managing Director and Co-Founder, Rubicon Development)

In Combat Monsters, the player’s Hero spawns three-dimensional creatures (warriors or monsters) to a large board that serves as the battlefield. Once spawned, each creator can attack (with thrusting and slicing weapons), move about, heal itself or others, or cast devastating spells like the ever-popular fireball – which takes a full health point every turn. When the enemy’s Hero is fatally wounded, the battle is won.

With 132 Monsters, 70 weapons, 28 shields, 42 spells, 22 runes, 12 Heroes and 120+ maps to choose from, there’s no end to the challenge in Combat Monsters. After completing the campaign, it’s time to join the carnage online with up to six players on a single board or two-player pass-and-play. No friends? No problem! Rubicon has included a Quick Battle skirmish mode that will populate a multiplayer session in no time.


Several thousand multiplayer games later, our beta testers seem to agree:

Combat Monsters is a graphically beautiful cross between Hero Academy and Outwitters. It manages to preserve the strategy of the latter while capturing the addictive deck building of the former.” — ArtNJ, Touch Arcade user and founder of the Hero Academy Players’ League

“Having dived into playing the early beta release of Combat Monsters, I’m already hooked. I can’t wait to play my first six-player battle! Rubicon Development has created another wonderful gem of a game” – Saigo, a computer gamer for 35 years

There are many ways to play Combat Monsters. Will players overrun adversaries with dozens of bloodthirsty creatures? Defend at all costs with healing spells? Invest heavily in runes and concentrate on a few high-powered cards? New tactics are emerging all the time — like the triple-moving suicide bomber, amped Orc swarms, and the questionable ability to hide in a corner of the map like a sissy (pioneered by a Rubicon dev who shall not be named).

Combat Monsters follows Rubicon’s “pay what you want” model where players can enjoy a full-featured game for free but may opt to invest in new cards and/or more powerful Heroes.


Key Features

  • Play anywhere: Cross-platform play with shared accounts allows for true roaming
  • Eliminate the competition . . . in 3D: We don’t skimp on dimensions, no sir!
  • We have a board: On which your warriors and monsters may move about!
  • Flexible multiplayer: Live online play for up to six players; private or public with matchmaking to prevent unbalanced battles.
  • Affordable decks and expansions: Free or almost free— because it’s not 1986 (or even 2006)!
  • The taste of things to come is . . . sweet: Ambitious future roadmap with trading, sit-and-go constructed and sealed deck tournaments, new races and cards . . . and more!
  • Monsters for all tastes: 132 unique monsters across 11 races with 50+ unique activated abilities
  • Weaponized weapons of war: 70 unique weapons to shred the enemy to pieces
  • Armor that keeps you alive longer: 28 sets of armor—and 28 opportunities to survive certain death
  • Spellcast like 1969: 42 spells to tilt the battle in your favor
  • Celtic cheerleaders: 22 to choose from (runes, that is)!
  • Platform agnostic: PC, iOS, and Android. (Coming soon to Mac, Win8 and others.)


Vote for Combat Monsters on Steam’s Greenlight and download it today for iOS, Android (including Kindle tablets), and PC.



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About Rubicon Development
Rubicon Development is a UK-based independent game developer founded by Paul Johnson and Steven Haggerty. After many successful years as a porting studio, they are now focused on creating original digitally-distributed games for PC and mobile platforms. Rubicon’s best known titles are the award-winning Great Little War Game and Great Big War Game. To learn more about Rubicon, visit

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