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Campaign: The Game, thankfully, isn’t a presidential simulator, but it’s definitely ‘capitol’ fun.”
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First Ad Agency Sim, Campaign: The Game, Launches on iOS


SAO PAULO–Insolita Studios and Thomas Egas know games and advertising. After working on real advertising campaigns in Brazil—home to the world’s most competitive and award-winning advertising agencies—the partners decided to bring Campaign: The Game to life. The game, which is the first to give players full control over both creative and planning aspects of running an ad agency, is now available at the App Store for $1.99.

Simulating client briefings, bold marketing campaigns, media planning, and general agency silliness, Campaign celebrates the ins and outs of advertising and pop culture with intuitive gameplay and charming pixel art graphics. The game challenges players to come up with the most creative campaigns, from “adorkable zombies” to “absurd gardening,” and even “sensitive ninjas”—while exceeding client’s expectations. Only truly creative ideas will get your agency the major brands—and perhaps a coveted win at the “Cammes” Festival.

Campaign, like advertising, is about being extremely creative and objective at the same time,” says Creative Producer Thomas Egas. “Although the game is a humorous and stylized take on advertising, Campaign’s gameplay is loosely based on reality so players can experience the creative highs of running a top ad agency. By letting their imagination run wild and making their own creative choices they can experience the joy of turning mad fun into a business.”



  • Perfect the briefing: Turn the most challenging client briefings into crazy successes
  • Create ad campaigns: Inspire the world with your creativity!
  • Plan media strategies: Aim straight to your client’s target for maximum reach
  • Play your way: Unexpected chaos will test your managerial skills
  • Work with superstars: Are they prima donnas or unstoppable creative geniuses?
  • Impress the advertising world: Wow the jury of the world famous Cammes Festival and go for the gold
  • Throw parties!: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy 🙂
  • Step into the spotlight: Become immortalized as an advertising icon!

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About Thomas Egas
Thomas Egas is a creative producer based in São Paulo, Brazil.


About Insolita Studios
Whether in game design, code or art, Insolita’s goal is to tell stories, create worlds and break with tradition. To learn more about Insolita, please visit

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