Pauli's Adventure Island

A mobile retro platformer


HEJVISJ Game Studios

“Pauli’s Adventure Island looks like a very cute, family friendly one.”

– Jared Nelson (TouchArcade)

Stop Mechanical Monsters from Ruining Your Island Home in Pauli’s Adventure Island

Launching today on iOS & Windows 10


NUENEN, Netherlands – July 18, 2017 – The retro platformer Pauli’s Adventure Island is now available on iOS and Windows 10! Hop, dash, fly, and float in this captivating side-scrolling romp harkening back to the glory days of Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Bunny buddies Pauli and Gemmi discover that their beloved island has been overrun by mechanical monsters determined to build an enormous, exclusive resort. Now it’s up to Pauli, Gemmi – and you! – to do something about the invaders. Dash through more than 30 unique levels across four spectacular worlds. Explore rolling hills, mysterious forests, dark caves, and ancient temples to collect the stars scattered throughout – and help Pauli and Gemmi stave off those evil machines!

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a passion for 2D platformers. I wanted to bring that joy and sense of discovery to a new generation of gamers,” says HEJVISJ’s lead developer. “With platformers, precision is always a priority. Before work on the art, soundscape, and interface was completed, I made sure that Pauli’s Adventure Island felt perfect!”

Key Features

  • Classic platformer: Dash your way through a fun, 2D side-scrolling world.
  • Choose your hero: Play as bunnies Pauli or Gemmi!
  • Unique worlds: Explore 30+ levels across 4 sprawling worlds.
  • Epic challenge: Battle menacing enemies and avoid treacherous obstacles.
  • Achievements: Earn and unlock coveted achievements.
  • Precise controls: Customize in-game control settings.

Pricing & Availability

Pauli’s Adventure Island is now available on the App Store and Windows Store


Founded in 2015, HEJVISJ (“to go home” in local Dutch) is an indie game developer based in the Netherlands. The studio focuses on creating beautiful games with an emphasis on non-violence and accessibility – and with roots as far back as the early 8-bit days. Always forward-thinking, the team at HEJVISJ has already started working on their next game.

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