LightSlinger Heroes

An imaginative bubble shooter RPG


Skyborne Games

“It’s a fresh take on the free-to-play model, of which I hope other companies will take notice.”

– (The Gaming Outsider)


Fight Epic Battles Against Legendary Beasts in the Bubble Shooter/RPG Hybrid LightSlinger Heroes

Play for FREE on both Android and iOS

  LOS ANGELES – April 25, 2018 – Skyborne GamesLightSlinger Heroes, a mind-blowing combination of a bubble shooter and RPG, is launching today on iOS and Android. With imaginative visuals, satisfying sound design, and polished “can’t-put-it-down” gameplay, LightSlinger Heroes is sure to leave a lasting impression on gamers looking for brief, intense magic battles across a fully-realized fantasy world. In LightSlinger Heroes, legendary creatures run rampant – destroying everything in their path. You’re tasked with choosing a faction – and then taking on difficult quests in order to kill each beast. The gameplay may seem simple on the surface, but actual strategy is required in order to beat the toughest enemies. Ready, Aim, FIRE! Created by Riot Games veterans, LightSlinger Heroes is a twist on Match-3 gameplay – incorporating strategy, puzzles, and RPG elements. Shoot and match three or more bubbles to attack massive beasts as you sling your way to the top – and join the quest to become the legendary LightSlinger! Tips:
  • Carefully plan your moves to create ultimate combos – and summon heroes to unleash deadly attacks.
  • Assemble a powerful team of heroes as you complete quests; each hero will grant you new combos and spells to use in battle.
  • Form a guild by inviting your closest clanmates to embark on real-time raids or join the PvP Arena where you will go head to head with other teams.
At a cursory glance, the marriage of bubble shooter and RPG might seem like a match made in heaven – but in reality, it requires a bit of “marriage counseling” to work. In order to ensure strategic depth on every board, Skyborne added mechanics like “Wild Bubbles” – allowing players to shoot three bubbles for a turn – and “Combo Effects” such as Heal/Attack All when you match five of a color. “We’re hardcore gamers, and we’re always looking for deeper, more layered gameplay,” says Si Yang Ng, CEO of Skyborne Games. “Sure, embarking on a quest that lasts several hours is not feasible on mobile, but it doesn’t mean that any and all complexity should be abolished. LightSlinger Heroes goes for that ‘sweet spot’ between the two extremes – offering grand battles fought against screen-filling monsters, pinpoint bubble shooter action, RPG-lite mechanics, and the same attention to detail you expect from an AAA game.” Key Features
  • Bubble shooter + RPG: Think Puzzle & Dragons meets Panda Pop.
  • Endless hero combos: One hero can set explosive bubble traps, while another can fire a piercing shot to trigger the traps.
  • Real-time raid battles: Work with your guildmates to take down bosses in real-time or steal the last hit from your rivals!
  • PvP arena: Battle other players’ teams to become the top player.
  • Guilds: Invite your friends, and play together to unlock guild chests – then strategize to take down mammoth guild bosses.
  • Endless Surprise: Participate in 3 different event quests – tactical challenge dungeons, procedural puzzle adventures, and co-op MMO-style guild raids.
Pricing & Availability LightSlinger Heroes is now available on iOS and Android as a free-to-play title. A VIP Program ($9.99/mo) grants players a unique set of perks – including free rewards and bonus deals. iOS: Android: Assets Trailer YouTube Download Screenshots & Logos IMGUR Download Social Media Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – LinkedIn – About Skyborne Games Skyborne Games is a Los Angeles-based company that believes the sky’s the limit. With a philosophy that favors small team development and creativity over flashy IPs and a mega-corporation mindset, it has big plans for little devices – like the smartphone in your pocket! Founded in 2015 by a husband and wife team who came straight from Riot Games, Skyborne is all about making things happen.

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