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Developed by Error300 Games, challenge yourself with non-standard sets of puzzles and expand your repertoire with this fresh spin on the classic tangram puzzle for veterans and newbies alike.

Tangram Collection offers a Zen-like puzzle experience.”
– Catherine Ng Dellosa


Our Creative team designed this Launch Trailer for the announcement of Tangram Collection‘s release on the App Store and Google Play.

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Tangram Collection

Tangram Collection
Now Available on the App Store & Google Play

Start your tangram journey today

DUBLIN – Nov. 15, 2021 – Tangram Collection – the new puzzle game by Mosaic Chronicles creator Error300 Games – is launching today on both iOS and Android! Challenge yourself with non-standard sets of puzzles and expand your repertoire with this fresh spin on the classic tangram puzzle for veterans and newbies alike.

Reportedly, the original tangrams first appeared at the dawn of the 19th century in China. These addictive puzzles had players combining triangular pieces (called tans) to form a simple image. All pieces needed to be used and could not overlap. The sheer elegance of this format made tangrams a worldwide sensation even then.

Tangrams have come a long way since their global debut, with modern variations introduced beyond the original set of 7 puzzles. Tangram Collection furthers that reinvention – offering a welcome variety to players looking for the next step in tangram evolution.

“It all started from an actual wooden box of tangrams,” says Marina Makarevskaya, director and designer at Error300 Games. “I was aware the basic puzzle existed – but one day a friend shared the ‘T’ puzzle tangrams with me, which actually had different pieces! When I did some research later on, it turned out that 99% of applications that implement tangrams work with the standard pieces – while a ton of other varieties exist. So we realized that we could make a tangram game that took things up a notch by using non-standard pieces – delivering a much deeper, more engaging tangram experience.”

Key Features

  • 5 bundles of tangram puzzles.
  • More than 100 challenges.
  • New pieces and puzzles that expand on the classic tangram format.
  • Several unique tangram layouts.
  • Intelligent detection that allows for multiple correct combinations.
  • Hint system to check for misaligned pieces.
  • Simple and clean interface for that Zen-like puzzling experience.

Pricing & Availability
Tangram Collection is free to download and play – and includes in-app purchases in the form of puzzle bundles. The game is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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About the Error300 Games
Founded in 2020 by designer Marina Makarewska, artist Rafał Chałupnik and programmer Dominik Kawka, Error300 Games is an indie studio based in Dublin, Ireland. The team consists of six passionate game fanatics who strive to create fun, entertaining games they want to play themselves. In addition to Tangram Collection, Error300 has released puzzle game Mosaic Chronicles on Steam. To learn more about Tangram Collection and Error300 Games, please visit https://error300.com.

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