A compelling minimalist-styled and story-driven top-down action game


Light Step Games

Sprinter tells a story through a wonderful illustrated narrative while tying in gameplay that reinforces what we all have wanted to do: run away.”

– Piper (Gaming With Scissors)

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Outrun the Past & Experience a Deeply Emotional Narrative in Sprinter

Now available on Windows, Mac, and Linux!


BRISTOL, England — Feb. 25, 2016 — Uncover the secret of a family torn apart by tragedy and their efforts to run away from the past in Sprinter — a beautifully illustrated action game launching today on Steam.

Created by Light Step Games, Sprinter will challenge you to dash through guarded hallways — sneaking past security cameras and collecting metaphorical “treasure” to piece together the stories of Rosie, Emily, and Lyle. Almost like a top-down racing game, Sprinter is all about precision and quick reflexes: You need to deal with the obstacles on the run (never slowing down) if you hope to complete each of the game’s levels within the allotted time.

The game makes use of illustrated “memory fragments” displayed between each level. The art style is shared by both gameplay and storytelling; pastel colors and hand-drawn graphics mesh in a perfect combination of hardcore gameplay and deeply engrossing personal narratives.

Sprinter is very difficult by default — so the developer decided to include an “easier” mode which allows for a little extra time in each level (you can switch to “normal” mode at any time.) If you beat a level in normal mode, you’ll unlock the Gold difficulty time . . . which is even harder.

Sprinter is both game and art piece,” says Karam Idris, founder and CEO of Light Step Games. “Levels may seem simple on the surface, but beating the standard Pass Time takes more than twitch reflexes: You need to keep your speed high, anticipate hazards, and move with the utmost precision if you want to see the next story panel. And you will want to see it — because the plot is at the very heart of the game.”

Key Features

  • Addictive, challenging gameplay with instant retries.
  • Six chapters with five levels each: Beat the Pass Time to unlock a special Gold difficulty tier!
  • Minimalist aesthetic with a color palette that shifts slightly as the player progresses through the story.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack that reacts to the player’s actions.
  • A personal narrative told solely through hand-drawn sketches and gameplay.
  • Easier difficulty mode for those who want to focus more on story.
  • Full controller support.

Pricing & Availability
Sprinter is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux — and it can currently be downloaded from Steam for only $6.39 (20% off retail). On March 3rd, the game will return to $7.99.

About Light Step Games
UK studio Light Step Games was founded by Karam Idris in 2015 to create something wholly unique. The mission of Light Step Games is to always make challenging titles based around the idea of the “perfect solution.”

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