The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

An intricately designed and hauntingly beautiful underwater Metroidvania


YCJY Games

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Aquatic Adventure is short and the art is minimalist (but holy-cow-gorgeous), and yet it’s one of the best Metroidvania experiences I’ve ever had.”

– James Davenport (PC Gamer)

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Face Enormous Sea Creatures & Uncover the Truth About Mankind’s Last Days
in The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human


GOTHENBURG, Sweden — Jan. 19, 2016 —  The wait is over. The intricately designed, hauntingly beautiful underwater world of YCJY Games’ The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human can now be experienced by gamers worldwide — on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Those willing to revisit Earth as the last human alive can do so for only $8.49 for a limited time.

Inspired by Planet of the Apes and Super Metroid, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human invites players to explore an underwater world thriving with sea life — unveiling the story of humanity’s last days.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human portrays the end of civilization as we know it. In the distant future — and as a result of climate change and a weakening sun — humans are forced to live underwater in order to survive. The heat from the planet’s inner crust may have kept the deepest cities alive — but as resources began to dwindle in 2971, it was decided that humanity’s only chance of survival would be to send subaquatic spaceships to a nearby wormhole to look for habitable planets. However, things did not go as planned. When one of the ships (Argo9) returns hundreds of thousands of years later, it becomes clear that humans are now extinct.

What happened while the Argo9 was away is a mystery solved only through the faint memories of humanity’s last automated machines, which endured thanks to a central power line. No one is left to tell the story of mankind’s last days. Without records or witnesses, the player must uncover and find answers.

A World Overrun by Enormous Sea Creatures

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human puts players in control of the long lost spaceship/submarine hybrid, Argo9 — which traverses the ancient ruins of human civilization at its technological, melancholy-infused peak.

The game challenges players to explore every nook and cranny in search of hidden passages and essential ship upgrades (such as boosters, extra armor, and weapons), while facing terrifying sea creatures and 10 intense boss fights that are a sight to behold.

Let curiosity be your guide on the inevitable voyage of extinction in The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human!

Key Features

  • Stunningly detailed pixel graphics
  • 10 challenging, well-designed boss battles
  • Hypnotic electronic score by composer Karl Flodin
  • Modern take on the classic Metroidvania genre: Players can freely explore the world at their own pace
  • Organic storytelling: The environments tell the story, along with some holo-tapes that are scattered around the drowned cities
  • Plausible plot driven by real-life issues: Explore the effects of climate change and technological progress

Pricing & Availability

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and can be downloaded from Steam, GOG, the Humble Store, and The game is now available for a discounted price of $8.49 ($12.74 for the deluxe edition) during its first week on Steam (January 19-25).

After January 25th, the base game and deluxe edition will be sold for $9.99 and $14.99, respectively.

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Pixel art map showing all boss locations
  • Full soundtrack composed by Karl Flodin
  • Digital booklet containing extra information about the game’s story, weapons, and upgrades
  • Special edition desktop backgrounds

About YCJY Games

YCJY Games was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014 by Josef Martinovsky and Christopher Andreasson. Making indie titles in a laid-back creative environment fueled by loud music, tasty pizza and beer, YCJY believes in developing games that the founders themselves want to play. To learn more about YCJY Games and The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, please visit

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