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“There’s a new top down horror shooter in town: ZCREW!”
– Adrian Halen (Horror News)



Out now: Snail Games’ top-down shooter ZCREW delivers high-octane zombie killing for up to 4 players [Steam keys available]

There’s a new top down horror shooter in town: ZCREW

Developed by Emotion Studio and Snail Games, ZCREW supports up to four players in no-holds-barred, frantic co-op play – along with an intense single-player campaign.

Launch trailer:

The game is now available on
Steam Early Access for $7.99 through December 24.


Review Copies

Feel free to request a Steam key via email (luis@novypr.com). Don’t be shy 🙂


Story & Gameplay
In ZCREW, an alien virus has turned people into raving mad zombies – wreaking havoc on the planet and leaving only ruins behind. To re-establish order, the U.N.R. summons the help of genetically modified human clones – the only beings able to beat the odds in humanity’s favor. Infected humans, mutant insects, and other monstrosities will do anything to keep Earth firmly within their grasp!

The Early Access release of ZCREW includes two full environments (Ruined City and Lost Desert), 30 levels, 4 character classes, and 5 weapons – along with weather conditions and day/night variations. Emotion Studio and Snail Games plan to update the game throughout 2021 based on player feedback.


Key Features

  • Single-player and online multiplayer modes: Play solo or with up to 4 friends in co-op mode. You can join the battle at any time!
  • Intense top-down action: Enjoy high-end visuals, effects, and character/monster design. 
  • Choose from several weapons and parts: Build your own unique weapons – and make them truly special with customizable parts.
  • Character roles: Select from 4 character classes based on combat needs and play style preferences – including unique roles and skills.
  • Varied quest types: Choose from a variety of quests – including assassination, transportation, defense, occupation, rescue, and more.


Pricing & Availability
ZCREW is now available on Steam Early Access for $7.99 – 20% off. On December 24, the game will return to its original retail price of $9.99.

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About Emotion Studio
Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Suzhou, China, Emotion Studio is an independent development team within Snail Games. 

About Snail Games
Snail Games has been a pioneer in the digital technology and entertainment industry since it was founded in 2000. The company has developed and published more than 100 digital products – providing entertainment to 150 million users in over 100 countries and regions. In addition to desktop and console titles, Snail Games has recently expanded its scope to include mobile and VR releases and continues to innovate in the areas of software, hardware, and telecommunications. To learn more about Snail Games and ZCREW, please visit http://www.snail.com/en

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