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“I’ve been excited to see more about Noir inspired RPG Pixel Noir. Each update has given me a glimpse into the current development of the game, but the latest one has some very juicy information to share.”

Serena Nelson (Cliqist)

BadLand Games Partners with SWDTech Games to Release JRPG-inspired Pixel Noir


MADRID — Feb. 21, 2017 — BadLand Games and SWDTech Games have joined forces to release 16-bit noir-themed RPG Pixel Noir in Q1 2018. The JRPG inspired game is being developed digitally for: Steam (PC, Mac & Linux), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One. Physical details are still to be announced.

Incorporating a highly-stylized noir aesthetic — and inspired by Japanese RPG classics such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and EarthBound — Pixel Noir puts you in the shoes of a cop-turned-private-eye after a 10-year prison stint. An investigation gone awry at an abandoned hospital has left your partner dead, the hospital in ashes, and you behind bars for a crime you didn’t commit. Chasing down lost pets and beating the scum of Pinnacle City is just enough to stir the voices and visions that plague you every night… With your sanity at stake, how can you afford not to take the opportunity to clear your name?

Pixel Noir’s colorful cast of characters accompany you through Pinnacle City’s diverse territories as you search for the truth. Battle against the criminal underground turn by turn, and muster the courage to face beings well beyond the realm of your imagination …

“We’ve been building Pixel Noir for quite a long time — six years to be exact!” says Kunal Majmudar, co-owner at SWDTech Games. “We’ve gone from old, proof-of-concept builds to UX (User Experience) test builds to the current pre-alpha state. We’re hugely excited to not only announce our deal with BadLand Games, but to also announce the availability of the closed alpha demo to our amazing backers!”

“BadLand Games was forged in the fire that drives indie development, and our sole goal is to bring these incredible works of art to every gamer on the planet,” says BadLand Games CEO Luis Quintans. “Pixel Noir transcends genres to deliver something surprisingly new. Finding a gem like Pixel Noir is more than a mission; it’s in our blood.”

Pixel Noir will feature a soundtrack written and performed by in-house composer Kunal Majmudar and famed Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta. Crossovers with renowned indie darlings in Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight and Alonso Martin’s Heart Forth, Alicia are in the plans as well.

Key Features:

  • Solve a variety of mysteries as Pinnacle City’s cheapest Private Eye! From missing pets to murder investigations, your detective skills will earn you either fortune or face punches.
  • Fight enemies in turn-based combat. Customize your weapon to give you the edge in battle.
  • Unleash devastating combo attacks by teaming up with other heroes in your team!
  • Explore Pinnacle City a wretched hive of scum and villainy harboring black market trade and hawked by colorful characters.
  • Use your investigation mode to reveal clues and over time unearth new secrets and storylines!

Availability & Pricing:

Pixel Noir is slated to hit: Steam (PC, Mac, & Linux), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in Q1 2018 (digitally). Physical release details TBA. Pricing is yet to be determined.

Pre-Alpha Demo & Feedback Survey:

SWDTech Games is thrilled to release Pixel Noir — and the studio needs your help! If you play the pre-alpha demo and answer the feedback survey, you’ll automatically receive two exclusive rewards.

About SWDTech Games:

SWDTech Games is a team of gamers dedicated to reimagining the classic RPG experience for modern-day platforms. The team grew up playing games such as Final FantasyEarthBound, and Chrono Trigger — and they aspire to produce the same level of quality. SWDTech is locked, loaded, and ready to fire on all cylinders. Most of the studio’s team members are experienced professionals that have worked on multiple projects with AAA companies such as Capcom, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and Sony — and smaller Indie companies such as WadjetEye Games, Indestructible Cannon, Hotslug, and more. The team has come together to create the RPG they’ve always wanted to play for more than a decade: Pixel Noir!

About BadLand Games:
Based in Madrid, Spain and established in 2011, BadLand Games is an independent company specializing in the physical distribution and global publishing of video games. In Spain, BadLand Games is the official distributor of AAA titles for all platforms including, Minecraft: Story ModeLa VozSniper Elite 4 and the popular Darksiders Warmastered Edition. BadLand Games is also the publisher of indie titles such as: Anima: Gate of MemoriesHeart & SlashDex, Castles, Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today, Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, BOORVostok IncVelocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition and the in-house developed game, Awe.


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