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“Match-three puzzlers are all over the place nowadays …Castles hopes to shake it up.”

– Aaron Richardson (n3rdabl3)



Cement King Harold’s Legacy by Building the World’s Tallest Tower in Castles

Now available as a digital download on Xbox One


MADRID – Oct. 5, 2016 – Castles launches today on Xbox One! Published by BadLand Games and developed by WhootGames, the game’s story-driven puzzle action, bright colorful graphics, and catchy soundtrack are sure to delight puzzle fans in the mood for some high-stakes competition.

One evening, King Harold was reading a travel magazine about the “Wonders of the World” and marveled at how various monuments brought glory to different kingdoms. With elections coming up, King Harold needed something big to keep the throne. Inspired by the magazine’s monuments, he summoned the kingdom’s best builders to construct the tallest tower anyone has ever seen, and it’s your job to control them!

In Story Mode, you’ll take on 50 levels to try and build King Harold’s tower. Blocks made of different materials and labeled with a variety of construction tools will fall onto a 5×5 grid. Push and match three or more blocks of the same material or tools to complete level goals. Don’t take too long or the blocks will fill up and stop the work to a halt! Finally, you’ll also have to face off against tough weather conditions and five bosses sent by jealous rival King Edmund …

With three modes to choose from, the building action doesn’t stop there:

  • Story: Follow a 50-level story, defeat King Edmund, and make King Harold proud.
  • Survival: Build the tallest tower and try to stay alive!
  • Versus: Compete against a friend to build the tallest tower. Ambush your opponent by sending more blocks their way.

Castles offers puzzle fans a neat twist on matching gameplay. Colour-matching will only clear the board slightly. You also need to be mindful of each level’s requirements to make some actual progress,” said Jonathan Rivas, CEO, WhootGames. “However, the game goes well beyond the single-player campaign: You can play through Story Mode with a friend in local or online co-op, and competition fiends can always let off some steam in Versus Mode!”  

Key Features:

  • Play alone or with a friend.
  • Choose from 4 different characters.
  • Fight incredible battles against giant enemies that will try to destroy your tower!
  • Experience more than 50 levels of gameplay in story mode.
  • Face game-changing inclement weather (rain, fog, snow, wind, day and night cycles).
  • Enjoy 3 game modes: Story, Survival, and Versus.
  • Unlock buildings and the appearance of your characters.
  • Watch the village grow and thrive as you climb the tower levels!

Pricing & Availability:
Castles is now available digitally on Xbox One for $4.99 in North America, £3.99 in the U.K and €4.99 in Europe.

About BadLand Games:
Based in Madrid, Spain and established in 2011, BadLand Games is an independent company specializing in the physical distribution and global publishing of video games. In Spain, BadLand Games is the official distributor of AAA titles for all platforms including WRC 5, the Zombie Army Trilogy, and the highly rated Telltale Games titles The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

The company works hard to support international indie developers by providing a work environment and a commercial and marketing program highlighting BadLand Games’ extensive publishing and distribution experience. Indie titles already published include Anima: Gate of Memories, Heart&Slash, 8DAYS, Dex — and the in-house developed game, Awe.

About WhootGames:
Based in Asturias, Spain, WhootGames was founded in 2014 by a group of students working toward degrees in Video Game Creation & Development at Camilo Jose Cela. Not afraid to test boundaries and step outside their comfort zone, WhootGames focuses on developing console and PC games that are full of awesomeness — all in the name of fun!