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“SRRN studios are one of the most ambitious indie developers we’ve ever seen.”

– Josh Wittenkeller (Gamezebo)

SRRN has a Kickstarter! Help us build a competitive tower defense game (includes free 8-bit game for iOS, Android, PC and Mac)



You might know SRRN Games from their “love letter to 16-bit RPGs,” Ash and Ash II: Shadows.

Well, SRRN now has a Kickstarter and we need YOU. Anything – a tweet, a small post or even a friendly thought – will help us fund SRRN’s new project, Always Outnumbered.

I want to keep this short, so please pay a visit to the Kickstarter page to see what makes Always Outnumbered special. The fact sheet is also a great starting point.

[ concept art web / concept art download / fact sheet / trailers ]

SRRN is so gung-ho about the whole thing that they even created a game to support the Kickstarter campaign – Always Outnumbered: Survival for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and even a version that runs on web browsers (Flash).

Survival is an 8-bit horizontal shooter – think of it as Space Invaders, but sideways 🙂

[ screenshots web / screenshots download ]

You can play Survival right now on the platforms below. The iOS version should be out soon.

[ Android / Flash / Mac / PC ]

Seriously, any help would be appreciated – we want to get this project off the ground 🙂

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