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“It sounds simple enough, but there’s actually a surprising amount of tactical thinking here.”
– Harry Slater (Pocket Gamer)


Cut the Deck & Become the One True King in Trex VIP

Make friends (and foes) in this strategic card game – available now on the App Store


ONTARIO, Canada – June 6, 2018 – Diving Dove StudiosTrex VIP is launching today on iOS! A streamlined, high-end take on a traditional card game from the Middle East known by many names (Trex, Trix, Tricks, Ticks), Trex VIP delivers polished visuals, multiplayer modes, and a lively atmosphere that are sure to ensnare card game fans of all stripes.

In Trex VIP, four players go head-to-head to become King while trying to outsmart the competition. In Kingdoms mode, the cycle begins when a 13-card hand is dealt to each player.

The player who is dealt the 7 of Hearts in the first deal gets the keys to the Kingdom – choosing which of 5 “Contracts” will be played and becoming the dealer for the next four rounds, where a different Contract is played each round.

After all 5 Contracts have been played, the player to the first King’s right becomes the new King – dealing 5 times and choosing a different Contract each round. The Kingdom then passes to the player opposite, and then to the remaining player. After the four Kingdoms are complete, the game is over.

The Contracts
Here’s a summary of the five Contracts – four of which are considered “trick-taking” games where the objective is to avoid taking certain cards:

  • King of Hearts: The player who takes the trick containing the King of Hearts loses 75 points.
  • Diamonds: Each card of the Diamond suit taken in a trick loses 10 points.
  • Queens: Each Queen (Q) taken in a trick loses 25 points.
  • Collections: The player with the highest card of a given suit in each trick loses 15 points.
  • Trex: In what resembles a multiplayer version of Solitaire, players try to get rid of their cards as soon as they can by playing them – beginning with Jacks (J) and continuing upwards in each suit to the Ace (A) and downward to the Two (2). The first person with an empty hand scores 200 points, the second scores 150, the third scores 100, and the remaining player scores 50 points.

[In addition to Kingdoms mode, there’s also Complex mode – where all the Contracts are in full effect.]

If this sounds somewhat time-consuming, have no fear: Trex VIP also has a “Quick Match” mode that allows you to play a shorter, five-hand match (with all five contracts represented). Need some practice? You can improve your skills against the AI in Solo mode. When you’re ready for a challenge, facing off against real human beings is easy. Jump straight into Quick Play mode to compete against players all over the world – but whatever you do, remember to keep your cards close …

“There are millions of Trex players in the Levant region – yet there are surprisingly few ways to play Trex on mobile platforms,” says Adnan Osman, co-founder of Diving Dove Studios. “Servicing this very real market need makes Trex VIP the perfect debut title for our growing indie studio.”

“We’re excited to not only provide current Trex players with a better gaming experience, but to also introduce new players to this incredibly popular card game,” adds Phill Borm, co-founder of Diving Dove Studios. “Trex VIP is a ton of fun – whether you’re playing on your own or against friends!”

Key Features

  • Foster friendships and stoke rivalries with a competitive tournament system.
  • Learn in just minutes with a simple, comprehensive UI.
  • Clash head-to-head with friends in your living room or across the world.
  • Relax and enjoy matching wits against the devious AI in Solo mode.
  • Test your skills against your friends in Quick Play mode.

Pricing & Availability
Trex VIP is now available on iOS. The game is free to download and includes in-app purchases.

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