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Side-scrolling Shoot ’em Up set in Indonesian Folklore!


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Inheritage: Boundary of Existence has a lot going for it. Its music, unlockables, art, and story all prove Tinker Games makes love when developing their games.”
-Jeffrey deMelo (Touch Arcade)

Side-scrolling Shoot ‘em up “INheritage: Boundary of Existence” Turns Indonesian Folklore into Frantic Bullet Hell Action


JAKARTA, Indonesia–Indonesia-based Tinker Games is betting on the staying power of shoot ‘em ups with INheritage: Boundary of Existence, an anime-style epic that aptly blends RPG storytelling with side-scrolling shooters. Based on Indonesian folklore,INheritage delivers frantic “bullet hell” action, full voiceover soundtrack, and an engaging storyline in a surprisingly original mobile game.INheritage is now available in both paid and free versions worldwide.

INheritage tells the story of Nala, a school girl who is chosen as the protector of Bandung after dying along with her friend in a horrific incident. Nala is now an “Arca,” a powerful being who keeps the material and spirit worlds in check. When the roots of the Tree of Life (“Kalpataru”) that support the barrier between the two realms suddenly disappear, Nala must protect her city from horrifying Yaksa demi-gods. Empowered by Kalpataru and guided by the city’s spirit (“Rakyan”), Nala must fight to defend Bandung and send the Yaksa back to their realm.

“With INheritage, we want to tell a complex story taken from Indonesian folklore and give iOS users a polished side-scrolling shooter at the same time,” says Muhammad Ajie, Chief Marketing Officer of Tinker Games. “Sure, even the best shooters are not known for their plots, but we feel that INheritage can dance to a different beat and still keep hardcore shoot ‘em up fans on their toes!”



  • Beautiful 2D artwork with stunning, fluid animation
  • Full voiceover soundtrack for all levels and cut-scenes
  • Original, high-quality music and sound effects
  • Several Rakyans and a special attack may be unlocked
  • Smooth touch controls on both iPhone and iPad
  • Unique gestures to launch special attacks
  • Dozens of bullet patterns and 10 bosses
  • Choice of difficulty level: Easy, Normal, or Hard


INheritage: Boundary of Existence can now be downloaded from the App Store. The free version includes a single level and can be downloaded at The full version is on sale for $1.99 and may be downloaded at



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Download (.ZIP)


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