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Hiker Games

“Eraser is a fast-moving game with stealthy spy movie music to match. While there are a lot of physics puzzle platformers out there, this one has a distinctive concept.”

– Sandy Stachowiak (AppAdvice)

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“Blueprint” Runner Eraser, Haunting Puzzler Gleam Out Now on Android & iOS

Both games 100% FREE: No ads or IAPs


HANOI, Vietnam – Aug. 8, 2016 – Hiker Games, the developer of the upcoming PC game Toy Odyssey, is celebrating the studio’s love for independent development with not one, but two high-end, free mobile games — both available now on Android and iOS.

Eraser is a quirky physics-driven puzzle platformer that takes place entirely on a designer’s blueprint. Gleam is a more traditional puzzle game set in post-apocalyptic Earth.

Eraser: Avoiding Death by Deadline
Launching today, Eraser puts players in a nightmarish scenario: An overworked designer finds himself trapped inside his own blueprint — having to not only navigate a series of physics puzzles but also avoid an evil red marker. Equipped with a trusty eraser, players guide the designer to the end of each blueprint by erasing the (many) obstacles ahead. Can the designer finish his work and live to see another day?

  • Enter a world built on a designer’s blueprint.
  • Solve fast-paced physics puzzles while dodging dangerous hazards.
  • Experience invigorating action sequences.
  • Explore 70+ levels and more than 6 distinct chapters.
  • Collect stars to unlock new chapters.

Gleam: Keeping the Last Living Organism Alive
Set in a barren post-apocalyptic world, Gleam tells the story of the last living organism — a nondescript plant struggling to survive. If it doesn’t get direct sunlight soon, it will perish along with the rest of planet…

As a specialized drone tasked with searching for (and preserving) life on Earth, only the player is capable of providing much-needed sunlight to the fragile organism. How? By slicing precious gems to drive sunlight to the plant using as few moves as possible.

  • Experience a nutrient-rich blend of casual and hardcore puzzle gameplay.
  • Solve mind-bending puzzles with gems and gravity.
  • Explore 40+ levels within 5 different environments.
  • Travel through a post-apocalyptic world — brought to life with intense,
    atmospheric music.
  • Strive to achieve a perfect 3-star score.

Eraser and Gleam may be free, but we sure spent a lot of time working on them! Our strategy was to let each team pursue the best ideas and concepts without firm deadlines or budgetary limitations,” says Nguyen Tuan Huy, CEO of Hiker Games. “We genuinely care for our growing community in Vietnam and abroad. Delivering two outstanding titles like Eraser and Gleam for free is the least we could do. We also wanted to try something that has never been done before on mobile: offer high-quality games that are free without using the standard free-to-play model. Instead of IAPs or ads, both games have an honors system featuring a ‘donation’ area where players who truly enjoy each game can contribute.”

Pricing & Availability
Eraser and Gleam are now available on iOS and Android. Both games are 100% free: There are no ads or in-app purchases anywhere. Players may choose to donate to the developer if they are so inclined.

About Hiker Games
Hiker Games is an independent game developer based in Vietnam. The team has eight members and was founded in 2012. By releasing world-renowned titles created in a country not traditionally known for game development, Hiker Games hopes to be the driving force behind making Vietnam a hub for innovation.

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