Tower Rumble

A deft mix of MOBA, tower defense, and Match-3 gameplay



“The 14th of September is still far enough away from Valentine’s day for it to be romantic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a nice tower defense MOBA kind of game.”

– Bart (3rd Strike)

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MOBA/Tower Defense Hybrid Tower Rumble Available on iOS & Android

Get a taste of true spell-slinging action today!



GULFPORT, Miss. – Sept. 14, 2016 – Play as powerful wizards facing dangerous foes in Tower Rumble, a deft mix of MOBA, tower defense, and Match-3 gameplay mechanics launching today on the App Store and Google Play. Build and customize your army in both Arcade and Campaign modes — or rip a friend to shreds in local PvP — in this complex strategy game by indie studio Neo-Realms.

The land of Artyficia was once guarded by the mighty Wizard King. The Great Calamity forced the Wizard King to retreat into the Dream Realm — ordering his trusted stewards to awaken him in case of dire need. However, each steward decided to ignore the order — crowning themselves, building towers in their honor and mounting attacks on their rivals. Will they be able to set aside their pride and join forces to defeat a common enemy?

The game begins by choosing from a number of unique armies with 4 colorful skins and 42 customizable skills and power-ups. The goal? To overrun enemy defenses and ruthlessly take over their towers one by one.

Spells are randomly generated by color during battle. Match spells of the same color to strengthen their potency, then swipe into each battle lane to buff allies, debuff enemy soldiers, or deal direct damage. Different runes and traps for your army may also appear on the map. But be careful: Although runes and traps may turn the tide of battle in your favor, they can also turn it against you!

“Many tower defense games are now built in a way in which a single overpowered upgrade can let you ride out the rest of the wave,” says Steven McCall, Founder & Lead Developer, Neo-Realms. “We designed Tower Rumble to keep you on your toes — always looking for opportunities to topple your opponent’s defenses instead of relying on a single resource. If you beat the campaigns and are hungry for a real challenge, you can also play against a friend on the same device!”

Key Features

  • Match and sling your ever-changing stack of spells to power your troops to victory.
  • Customize your army with 4 colorful skins and 42 skills and power-ups.
  • Battle a friend on the same device in 2-player mode.
  • Campaign solo across Artyficia battling epic bosses.
  • Upgrade towers to unlock your army’s full potential!

Pricing & Availability

Tower Rumble is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The game is free to download and play and includes in-app purchases:

  • Free: 3 campaigns (featuring Human and Goblin armies) with 2 unlockable skins.
  • $2.99: Removes all ads and unlocks 3 campaigns/bosses; unlocks Slime and Dwarf armies, plus 6 extra skins.
  • $4.99: Unlocks all tower upgrades.

About Neo-Realms

Neo-Realms Entertainment was formed in 1998 on the campus of the University of South Alabama by Bryan King and Steven McCall. The two creative minds teamed up when Bryan needed a writer for his comic book Neo-Earth and Steven needed an art director and illustrator for his role-playing book, Galactic Realms Unlimited. Since its formation, Neo-Realms published the anthology comic Tales from the Realm and ventured into game development with Neo-Realms Fishing — now in its 11th year in Second Life. Now, Neo-Realms has turned to mobile game development with Tower Rumble — a blend of tower defense, action-strategy, and Match-3 gameplay. To learn more about Neo-Realms and Tower Rumble, please visit and

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