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“There’s a surprising level of depth behind SpellCraft School of Magic. It is a freemium game that requires some real money input to really get anywhere after the first few hours but it’s worth it.” 

– Jennifer Allen (148Apps)

Appy Entertainment’s SpellCraft School of Magic Goes Gold


Appy Entertainment’s SpellCraft School of Magic has gone gold.

A social/mobile role-playing game from the makers of FaceFighter Ultimate and Trucks & Skulls NITRO, SpellCraft will hold RPG fans spellbound with easy to learn but challenging to master gameplay, absorbing storyline and top-notch monster design. Like all of Appy’s recent mobile titles, SpellCraft will be free with in-game purchases and will initially launch on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

In SpellCraft, gamers play as young apprentice wizards at the multiverse’s most prestigious magical university. To save their teachers – trapped beneath the school – they need to learn how to nurse magical plants, brew and cast powerful spells, and battle horrific monsters and elemental creatures through an infinite number of procedurally generated dungeons.

The game also ships with an asynchronous multiplayer mode, described by the designers as “a spellcasting Words With Friends.” Players don’t have to play the game simultaneously, which allows for epic magic duels fought across countries, cultures and time zones. Multiplayer also takes advantage of the latest Game Center updates to deliver light and fun multiplayer battles that require deep thinking and carefully planned moves. To win, players must pick the correct spell(s) based on their opponents’ perceived weaknesses – in view of the rock/paper/scissors style dynamics between SpellCraft’s magical disciplines of Earth, Fire, Water, and Chaos.

SpellCraft leverages Appy’s expertise in mobile game development to deliver an RPG built from the ground up for tablets and smartphones,” says Chris Ulm, founder and CEO, Appy Entertainment. “Each SpellCraft dungeon or multiplayer battle takes only a few minutes, so even the working stiffs among us can plunge into the world of SpellCraft a few times during the day. Leaving the game and getting stuff done in the real world might become a problem, though!”



  • Become a mighty wizard: Level up your character to command powerful magic
  • Battle fearsome monsters: Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your many foes
  • Study ancient rituals: Collect exotic spells
  • Master your friends and rivals: Defeat other players in the dueling grounds
  • Plunge deep into the earth: Explore endless dungeon levels
  • Discover powerful artifacts: Outfit your character with jewelry, clothing, and hats
  • Grow bizarre magical plants: Plant and harvest eldritch plants from magic seeds
  • It’s all in the wrist: Time your spellcasting for extreme prejudice
  • Find the lost teachers: Unravel the mystery of your missing masters


Starting content:

  • Spells 40
  • Monsters more than 100
  • Plants 16 plants (two varieties of each)
  • Dungeons unlimited
  • Accessories more than 100 clothing and accessory items


Go to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spellcraft-school-of-magic/id471396267?mt=8 to download SpellCraft School of Magic or visit the App Store on your iOS device of choice.

For more information on Appy’s one-of-a-kind mobile games, visit http://www.appyentertainment.com/home.html.

You can also stay up-to-date with everything Appy by reading the blog at http://www.appygamesblog.com/


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