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“It is fun, while reveling in its over the top concept. Trucks and Skulls is a mighty fine entry in iOS’ gallery of physics puzzlers.”
-Carter Dotson (148Apps)

Appy Debuts Trucks & Skulls NITRO for iOS Devices


CARLSBAD, Calif.–Trucks & Skulls fans are in for a treat: Appy Entertainment proudly presents Trucks & Skulls NITRO, a massive update to the physics-based puzzler adding 15 levels set in the world of Iceopolis and introducing an in-app store chock-full of goodies. For the first time, truck mods that completely change the way the game is played will be available for players including the aptly-named Zombie, Goth, Hot Rod, Bling and Dragon Trucks, cheats, wallpapers and much more.

Trucks & Skulls NITRO gives players all the content from the original game plus the new Iceopolis world, Gold Challenges, new aiming aids, a much-requested Quick Restart button and Social Player Awards. Players can use gold to purchase in-game items; those who have already beaten some (or all) of the game will be retroactively awarded gold, rewarding early adopters in full and making in-game currency stockpiling easy.

Launched in 2010, Trucks & Skulls was Apple’s iPad and iPhone Game of the Week, hitting top ten status worldwide. The store is the biggest step yet in the ongoing expansion of theTrucks & Skulls franchise, beyond the six hours of gameplay and well-over 200 levels included in the original title. Furthermore, players can complete the game without spending a dime — the truck mods may be life-altering but aren’t required for 100 percent completion.

Trucks & Skulls NITRO is a stupid fun game made better by insane truck mods that will turn the basic gameplay on its head,” says Chris Ulm, CEO, Appy Entertainment. “We also implemented the feedback received from our player community to make all sorts of enhancements. If you never played Trucks & Skulls, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out. If you have, we look forward to hearing what you think of the truck mods!”

Trucks & Skulls NITRO is a free update. It’s now available on iTunes for all iOS devices.

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