Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art

A high-end jigsaw puzzle experience


Octo Mini

Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art is the best jigsaw game I’ve come across. The art is beautiful, the design and interface of the game is elegant, and the music is nicely laid back and peaceful.”

– Matt Sainsbury (Digitally Downloaded)

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Mandie Manzano’s Stained Glass Paintings Come to Life in Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art

Now available for free on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch


GRANADA, Spain — May 18, 2016 — Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art has arrived on the App Store! Featuring 40 striking Mandie Manzano paintings lovingly converted into Ultra HD puzzles ranging from 12 to 2,000 pieces, Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art expertly delivers a streamlined, high-end jigsaw puzzle challenge for players of all ages.

Developed by talented Spanish outfit Octo Mini, Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art offers iOS gamers the most authentic jigsaw puzzle experience currently available on mobile devices. Puzzle pieces remain sharp even after players zoom in all the way (thanks to the Ultra HD resolution), and stepless controls are also included  — making it easy to get the brightness “just right” on those bright smartphone and tablet touchscreens. Each piece is also fitted with interactive shading and shadows that can be turned on (or off) by players; choosing between a “flat” or three-dimensional look is just a tap away!

“I went to school to seek a career in the arts. One year, I became very ill and all I could do was lay down on my sofa and paint and draw,” says Mandie Manzano, creator of all the stained glass paintings in the game. “So that is all I did. I was painting and drawing from morning until night. Then one day I started sharing my artwork on social media — and to my surprise, people started responding, sharing, and loving the work that I did! It changed my life forever.”

“We’ve worked hard to do justice to Mandie’s beautiful paintings,” says Antti Lehtinen, owner and lead developer at Octo Mini. “To keep the focus on the art, we made sure the interface was really responsive and aesthetically pleasing in its own way. Players can look forward to a pleasant, high-end experience solving each one of the game’s 40 different jigsaw puzzles in Ultra HD resolution — which is a treat in itself!”

Key Features

  • Engage in original art by acclaimed artist Mandie Manzano — including never-before-seen works!
  • Immerse yourself in full-featured digital puzzle mechanics with realistic interactive shadows and rotating pieces — and the ability to choose between shaded and flat styles.
  • Solve puzzles containing 12-2,000 pieces — great for the novice and hardcore puzzle enthusiast alike!
  • Experience artistic puzzles in stunning detail with customization of background brightness and pattern intensity — and in ultra HD resolution, which retains sharpness when zooming in.
  • Play in 11 languages — including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

Pricing & Availability
Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art can now be downloaded from the App Store. The game is free with in-app purchases: About Octo Mini

Based in Granada, Spain, Octo Mini seeks to dazzle the world with premium apps for players of all ages. The studio was founded by Antti Lehtinen, an experienced developer who has released more than a dozen apps and has received over 7 million downloads on the App Store. Prior to Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art, Antti released the beloved Princess Lila app.

About Mandie Manzano
Mandie Manzano was born in Louisiana amidst the world famous Cajun Gumbo and Crawfish Etouffée. Known throughout the world for her unique use of light and color, Mandie paints her images to emulate the vibrancy and glow of a stained-glass window. With over 300 paintings in her portfolio, she keeps busy creating artificial glass paintings and putting smiles on the faces of all who enjoy her glowing work. While studying at SELU for Visual Arts, Mandie realized that Illustration was her passion. She works as a professional Illustrator and artist — and she has licensed her work to many companies around the world.

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