Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure

Save the world from space mutants and nuclear fallout . . . with science!



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“In short, this is a full-featured adventure more akin to a $60 console game”

-Galit Gordon (Gaming Cypher)


Stunning Hack & Slash Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Now Available on iOS & Android


SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Dec. 4, 2014 – NHN Entertainment USA Inc. and TOAST are proud to present Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure, an incredibly polished action-adventure game featuring AAA-like 3D graphics and hack-and-slash combat unlike anything else on mobile. Help Me Jack can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play and runs on most modern smartphones and tablets.

Help Me Jack begins with a world on the brink of destruction – the direct result of a mysterious explosion that ripped through a massive nuclear plant. Rescued by Security Manager Jack, the player is tasked with locating scientists and cleaning up PEB radiation spewing from mutants roaming the nearly destroyed planet.

Explore the lost cities of the Earth and customize your skills across multiple classes to create the perfect fallout fighter. Upgrade your weapons and armor, discover secret passageways with keys and bombs, and rebuild your sci-fi headquarters to unlock new skills and research new technologies. Rescue the planet from radiation and discover who’s responsible for blowing up the nuclear plant in a sci-fi adventure of epic proportions.

“The time is right for a mobile game with enough depth and polish to put most console titles to shame. Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure is just that: a massive sci-fi adventure full of eye candy, awesome boss fights, and really sharp touch controls,” says Alex Fleming, associate product manager at NHN USA, Inc. “With Help Me Jack, we created an universe where players can hack and slash at will while enjoying their favorite sci-fi bits anywhere, anytime. What can be more fun than saving captured scientists and preventing the world from becoming an irradiated wasteland on your tablet or smartphone?”


Key Features

  • Adventure through over 200 levels and neutralize mutated beasts in all world sectors.
  • Customize two different classes (Warrior or Shooter), and utilize their science skills to take back the world from mutant monsters.
  • Collect companions trapped in abandoned cities, train them for battle, and defeat epic boss monsters.
  • Navigate through dangerous zones and discover countless partners to take into battle, or scout out uncharted regions for new enemies and resources.
  • Explore the world with open-ended gameplay, allowing you to replay old missions for resources or new partners—or push forward with critical missions and save the world in record time!

Help Me Jack allows players to always have up to two AIs at their side. There are more than 20 Partners who have different powerful attributes and abilities in the game. Partners can deal heavy damage, defend the squad, heal the player, and buff stats. Surviving the nuclear holocaust may depend on building a strong squad, so choose wisely!


Pricing & Download Links

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure is free to download and play, and it includes in-app purchases.

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