To Leave

A deep narrative-driven platformer that explores mental health

Freaky Creations

“Ecuadorian studio Freaky Creations is taking gaming to another level, one of healing; with their new game To Leave.”
– Lisa Allison (AiPT!)


Heart-Wrenching Platformer To Leave Explores the Lyrical Side of Mental Health

Available now on Steam


GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador – Oct. 4, 2018 – To Leave, a new narrative-driven platformer that deals with depression, self harm and the search for deeper meaning, is now available on Steam. Developed by Ecuadorian studio Freaky Creations, To Leave’s unorthodox level design, animated cutscenes, and deeply emotional universe are fueled by pain and driven by an inspiring, obsessive attention to detail.

He starts the hard work of the imagination, learning to minister to the new dream.
– “The Big Loser” (Max Ritvo)

In To Leave, the player inhabits Harm – a character who is suffering from manic depression. In possession of a magical flying door, Harm makes his way through expansive, vivid levels akin to an Ayahuasca trip in order to fulfill his Plan – a way to harvest the souls of his homeworld so that everyone can leave this world and enter Heaven.

With the ability to move left and right and fly upward with the help of his door, Harm must traverse each level collecting Vibrance – a type of energy – while avoiding hazards and deadly falls. Slow, methodical movement is the way to go here: If all Vibrance is lost, Harm is sent “home” – exhausted and filled with despair. Flying between immense, powerful rocks that function as checkpoints, Harm can open his magical door to parts unknown – eventually arriving at the many Harvesting Shrines that hold the key to redemption. Reaching all of them and activating the Origin Gate is the only way out.

To Leave was born of a desire to create a ‘digital talisman’ – interactive software that allows players to experience pure ecstasy, rage, and joy,” says Jorge Blacio, producer at Freaky Creations. “Calling To Leave a ‘game’ ends up being too limiting – and we’re incredibly proud of the finished product.”

“It was liberating to embark on To Leave’s development without concern for what was thought possible for a small Ecuadorian studio. I’ve never done anything more difficult in my life!” says Estefano Palacios, creative director at Freaky Creations. “To Leave is a deeply personal experience. Sometimes harrowing, often puzzling, it gives players something they don’t expect in a self-contained, interactive narrative.”

Key Features

  • Experience a lyrical, awe-inspiring platformer that ignores genre boundaries.
  • Savor a stunning, handcrafted world full of color and danger.
  • Immerse yourself in a gripping, emotional narrative that doesn’t hold back.
  • Enter Harm’s mind though detailed diaries that chronicle his journey of self-discovery.
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack that reflects the beautiful yet dissonant nature of the game’s many worlds.
  • Explore the peaks and valleys of manic depression through a powerful mix of story and gameplay.

Pricing & Availability
To Leave is now available on Steam for $7.99 – a 20% discount. The game will return to its original price of $9.99 on October 11 – one week after launch. To Leave is also available on the PlayStation Store. The game supports both English and Spanish.

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About Freaky Creations
Founded in 2012 and based in Ecuador, Freaky Creations is the culmination of an almost decade-long relationship between 12 developers who wanted to create something beautiful together. Team members include creative director Estefano Palacios; producer Jorge Blacio; artists Ambar Troya, Emmanuel Ayala, Juan Peréz, and Danny Camino; composers Enrique Bernous, Roberto Bernous, and Carlos Bohorquez; and programmers Javier Ron, Gustavo Totoy, and Pedro Lucas. To Leave is the studio’s first title. To learn more about Freaky Creations, please visit

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