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“Really, if you’re a glutton for punishment, if you’ve committed sins you want to atone for, or if you’re a masochist, AFTERGRINDER is the game for you.”

– Rich (GameSpew)

Brutal Arcade Runner AFTERGRINDER Now Available on Steam

Ride fast … and GRIND HARD!


MONTREAL – July 18, 2017 – AFTERGRINDER is launching today on Steam! If masochistic level design, insane speeds, and broken bones sound like a fun escapade, then you’re in the right state of mind to experience the sheer madness of AFTERGRINDER.

Published by M4 and developed by Grave Danger Games, AFTERGRINDER drops you head first in a modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale: From the suburbs to the big city, two thrashin’ gangs battle for supremacy. When one gang member (“The Dude”) falls in love his rival’s sister (“The Lady”), the suburbs are no longer safe. Now the Lady must skate her way to the big city while grinding rails and dodging death to save her Dude.

Die, retry … and die again as you speed through town and try to stay alive across 90 gnarly levels in three stark, unforgiving worlds. With three playable characters, you can choose your shredding style:

  • The Dude (Easy) – for slow snoozer cruisers
  • The Lady (Normal) – for amateur shredders
  • The Shark (Hard) – for “insane-in-the-membrane” skate gods

Experience gravity-defying action by grinding through cities right-side up or upside down. Make sure you keep an eye on your surroundings and quickly change your skater’s position to avoid hitting walls and hazardous platforms … or else. Need more speed? Using boost will allow for intense speed rushes to grind across levels in a suicidal flash.

AFTERGRINDER is not for the faint of heart. To make every death an honorable one, we ensured that the controls were as tight as can be – and that defeat is never due to some unknown bug,” says Simon Graveline, co-founder of Grave Danger Games. “If you have fond memories of dropping quarter after quarter in arcade machines – and you enjoy a no-holds-barred rush to the finish line – you’ll love AFTERGRINDER.”

“M4 is all about discovering and rewarding new talent,” adds Jeff Giasson, founder and CEO of M4. “AFTERGRINDER was envisioned by a brilliant duo – Simon Graveline and Jonathan D’Anjou. Their single goal was to create an arcade runner that does justice to the wildly difficult platformers of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Grave Danger Games has clearly hit that goal – in a big way!”

Key Features

  • Test your skills in 90 fast-paced levels.
  • Race through environments right-side up or upside down – whatever keeps you alive the longest.
  • Explore 3 different worlds – each with its own twists and turns.
  • Choose between 3 playable characters: The Dude (easy), the Lady (normal), and the Shark (hard).
  • Enjoy heart-thumping techno tracks as you die, retry … and die again!

Pricing & Availability

AFTERGRINDER is now available on Steam (Windows) for only $7.49 – 25% off the game’s retail price. The sale will end a week after launch (July 25)

About Grave Danger Games

Based in Montreal, Canada, Grave Danger Games is a development studio that’s dedicated to creating intense games – in terms of gameplay and ambience. With old-school gaming in its DNA, the company has set out to deliver titles that bring back the golden age of video games. Founded in 2013 by teachers Simon Graveline (“Grave”) and Jonathan D’Anjou (“Danger”), the company also plans to mentor talented students and provide them with a solid game development experience.

About M4

Based in Montreal and founded in 2004 by Jeff Giasson, M4 is an indie game publisher that specializes in the digital distribution of mobile and PC games. Serving independent developers aiming to reach a wider audience without compromising their vision, M4’s team of industry veterans works alongside studios such as House On Fire (The Silent Age), Zeppelin Studio (Schein), and Frisky Fatal Games (Soulless: Ray of Hope) to deliver modern classics for audiences with a discerning taste.

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