Writer's Block

A roguelike word game where writing is fighting!

Tic Toc Games

Developed by Tic Toc Games, Writer’s Block is a roguelike word game where writing is fighting. Quest across the storybook world of an author’s imagination. Spell out words to fight absurd opponents and evade their devious abilities. Your vocabulary means the difference between victory and defeat.

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PAX East: Roguelike word game Writer’s Block available for in-person demos

A roguelike word game where writing is fighting! Spell words to battle enemies in a unique mashup of Slay the Spire and Scrabble.

Quest across the charming storybook kingdom of an author’s imagination. Defeat mental monsters that stand in the way of creating a book: punch your procrastination, duel a caffeine headache, K.O. a typo! Enemies don’t attack you directly, instead placing hostile effects on your limited pool of letter tiles. Find the right word to evade damage and defeat your writer’s block!

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Tic Toc Games

Key Features

  • Unique blend of genres: Merges the deeper strategy of turn-based roguelikes with combat that appeals to any word game fan – whether you’re a Scrabble master or five-minutes-a-day Wordle player.
  • Test your tactics and vocabulary: Enemies create hostile letters that must either be used or avoided to dodge damage. The biggest word isn’t always the best one.
  • Endlessly replayable gameplay: The story never gets old! Each run provides a randomized map, three vast lands to explore, and a wide variety of villains to vanquish, so no two playthroughs are ever the same.
  • Add new tools to your pencil case: Boost your strength and unlock alternate strategies with over 100 different items inspired by literary devices. Demolish an enemy with an alliteration, deploy a deus ex machina, or protect yourself with plot armor.
  • Choose your protagonist: In the land of fiction, writing implements are warriors. Play as the heroic fountain pen Font in the demo – with more characters to come in the full release. Each champion offers their own signature spin on combat.
  • Break the 4th wall: Help an aspiring writer defeat avatars of stress, doubt, and procrastination to achieve the dream of writing a book; your quest is literally her novel.
  • Publish a one-of-a-kind masterpiece: Each victorious run is summarized in book form – forever immortalized on a library shelf.


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About the Developer
Founded in 2011 in Burbank, California and with a sister studio in Manila, Philippines, Tic Toc Games is a full-service developer for hire filled with seasoned artists, designers, programmers, and production managers with experience on some of the biggest properties out there from Sony, Disney, Nickelodeon, Lucasfilm, and more. Tic Toc has also shipped its own titles – including Adventures of Pip and B.ARK. To learn more about Tic Toc Games and Writer’s Block, please visit https://tictocgames.com.

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