SpaceCats in Space!

A twin-stick shooter with a feline bent


Robotic Potato

“Mashing together classic space shooters with an absurd sense of humor and an intergalactic war-torn setting, SpaceCats in Space! is founded on the battle of good versus evil that dates back at long as time itself: cats against dogs.”

– Kirstie Summers (The Metropolist)

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SpaceCats in Space!


Join the Cougar Squadron & Take Back the Galaxy from the Claws of the Grolich Empire in SpaceCats in Space!

Now on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight


NEW YORK — August 10, 2016 — SpaceCats in Space!, a new twin-stick shooter with a feline bent, is now seeking funds on Kickstarter. (Steam users can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.) Join the elite Cougar Squadron and fight the rabid dogs of the Grolich Empire to liberate the Kingdom of Meowfyre in this fun throwback to classic arcade games and Saturday morning cartoons.

Three days into the crowdfunding campaign, SpaceCats in Space! has already secured $6,241 of a $75,000 funding goal. The Kickstarter will support 12 new levels and weapons, 4 custom soundtracks, 25 new enemies, huge mega bosses, and more. The crowdfunding campaign is set to end on Friday, September 16th. SpaceCats in Space! is expected to arrive on Windows and Mac (Steam) on Q2 2017 — soon followed by Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Story & Gameplay
SpaceCats in Space! chronicles a seemingly unending war between two powerful spacefaring armies. The evil Grolich Empire has targeted the Meowfyre Kingdom, which needs your help: Use bomber strikes, wingman assistance, and powerful upgrades to combat Oberluft Kommandant Arnuld Von Schloss — and put an end to the massive Grolich war machine once and for all!

Developed from an original concept by indie studio Robotic Potato, SpaceCats in Space! features frantic space battles and plenty of adrenaline-fueled dogfights through more than 12 action-packed levels. Take on the role of Meowfyre Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III and pilot her ship to victory with quick reflexes and upgradeable weapons. Facing a heavily defended base? Call in strategic bombers to obliterate the enemy in a flash of sound and fury. SpaceCats in Space! is more than an action game, though: Every decision counts and has a meaningful impact in the game’s single-player mode — affecting your ship, enemies and even the battlefield itself.

“With SpaceCats in Space!, we wanted to recreate all the action and excitement us ‘90s kids experienced while watching our favorite Saturday morning cartoons,” says Alex Lau, CEO of Robotic Potato. “We also give a nod to Star Fox 64 and have even injected some adult humor into the mix to spice things up! Whether you grew up in the ‘80s, ‘90s — or noughties — you’ll find something to love in SpaceCats in Space!”

Key Features

  • Battle the Grolich Dog Empire solo or with a friend in local two-player co-op.
  • Choose your destiny in a visual novel story mode where every decision matters.
  • Explore a hand-drawn cartoon-style universe with RPG-lite gameplay mechanics.
  • Enjoy fully-voiced dialogue and a custom soundtrack reminiscent of classic Saturday morning cartoons.

The SpaceCats in Space! Kickstarter campaign will end on September 16, 2016.

SpaceCats in Space! is expected to ship on Q2 2017, initially on Windows and Mac (Steam). Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports are expected soon after the Steam launch.

About Robotic Potato
Founded in 2014 by Alexander Lau, Robotic Potato prides itself on innovation and quality above all else. Based in Queens, New York, this diverse team of skilled professionals draws inspiration from gaming favorites and an array of unique perspectives to produce engaging and enjoyable games for all.

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