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Published by DreadXP and developed by BEESWAX Games, get ready to solve a murder mystery on a cruise ship, file your taxes (the horror!) … or start a high school band just to skip out of class in this cheerful collection of the quirkiest, spookiest microgames ever.

“[SPOOKWARE] promises a horrifying roadtrip filled with tiny, off-the-wall micro-games and I’m absolutely shotgunning the front seat.”
– Ed Thorn (Rock Paper Shotgun)



SPOOKWARE’s Episode 1 Now Available on Steam

Come for 60+ microgames, stay for the skeleton puns

LOS ANGELES – Aug. 26, 2021 – Published by DreadXP and developed by BEESWAX Games, SPOOKWARE is launching today on Steam – Episode 1, that is! Get ready to solve a murder mystery on a cruise ship, file your taxes (the horror!) … or start a high school band just to skip out of class in this cheerful collection of the quirkiest, spookiest microgames ever.

Sure, we’ve all heard about living life to its fullest … but what about death?! In SPOOKWARE, join three skelebros (Lefti, Midi, and Righti) on a grand road trip – and play hundreds of handcrafted, fast-paced, horror-inspired microgames along the way. Each episode includes three chapters with their own areas, microgames, mechanics, and stories. Challenge yourself with a wide collection of blazing fast microgames built around horror tropes – more than 60 in the first episode alone. Each microgame takes only a few seconds – so be sure to use your wits to survive the onslaught of wildly different, blood-curdling experiences.

However, this isn’t JUST a bunch of microgames mushed together. Blending arcade-style microgame medleys with classic adventure games, each microgame is carefully interwoven within the story. And every area features completely new gameplay mechanics to test your microgame skills – going as far as changing up control schemes!

“Originally a game jam project, SPOOKWARE showed a lot of promise very early on – which is why we decided to invest in the IP and help BEESWAX Games fulfill their original vision,” says Patrick Ewald, owner and producer at DreadXP.

“Once we were on board, the first addition was the three protagonists – Lefti, Midi, and Righti – who happen to be on a road trip for the ages,” added Ted Hentschke, Head of Production at DreadXP. “With a solid framing device, we had everything we needed to expand the roster of microgames and tie everything together to tell a story about brotherhood, our shared love of movies – and bad skeleton puns.”

Key Features

  • 60+ handcrafted, blood-pumping, horror-inspired microgames in the first episode – with more than 200 to come!
  • 3.5 chapters (we count the intro as a half) with their own story and adventure – with many more to come…
  • Play as 3 adorable skeleton brothers Lefti, Midi, and Righti.
  • Unique gameplay mechanics for every area – from rhythm to puzzle games.
  • Remix all your unlocked microgames for the ultimate challenge.
  • At least 7 skeleton puns!

Pricing & Availability
The first episode of SPOOKWARE is now available on Steam (Windows) for $9.74 – 25% off. On September 2 (a week after launch), the game will return to its full retail price of $12.99.

Expect to see three more episodes in the near future!

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Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dreadxp
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YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUBh3CaLZ0MlbYP01-CA3yw
Discord – https://discord.gg/GDYjxbx5Us
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About BEESWAX Games
BEESWAX Games was founded in 2021 by Adam Pype, Viktor Kraus, and Tibau VDB. After working together on various indie projects (including the previous versions of SPOOKWARE), the team partnered with DreadXP and formed BEESWAX for the express purpose of bringing a full version of SPOOKWARE to life. To learn more about BEESWAX, please visit https://twitter.com/beeswax_games.

About DreadXP
DreadXP is an indie horror production and publication label that focuses on unique, experimental titles that have been overlooked by the bigger labels. The company is all about creating a positive horror community with a focus on supporting developers and delivering the unique content horror fans crave. To learn more about SPOOKWARE and DreadXP, please visit https://www.dreadxp.com/spookware.

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