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Kitsune Games

MidBoss is a charming roguelike with a few tricks up its sleeve and a whole bunch of secrets to discover, stuff to unlock, and infuriating deaths to tell the world about. Highly recommended for fans of the genre!”

– Thomas Faust (IndieGames.com)

Rise from Lowly Imp to Menacing Final Boss in Kitsune Games’ MidBoss


Turn-based dungeon-crawling roguelike now available on Steam and itch.io


LOUIS – May 25, 2017 – Kitsune Games’ hardcore turn-based roguelike, MidBoss has launched on itch.io and Steam! With more than 60 unique abilities to learn, there’s no shortage of enemies to kill, bodies to possess, and skills to master in this darkly humorous dungeon escapade. Die – and a custom “Death Card” will document your run.

In MidBoss, you start out as an imp – the weakest monster in the land. Tired of being bullied by the other monsters, you set off on a quest to reach the deepest levels of the dungeon, defeat the final boss, and take its place. You won’t remain a weak little imp for long, though: Possess the body of each enemy you kill, and use their powers to continue on your quest! Gain experience to level up and increase your imp’s base stats to provide major boosts to the bodies you possess. Master the powers of your possessed forms and equip them to your basic imp body to make it even stronger.

Explore a procedurally-generated death labyrinth filled with monsters, traps, potions, treasures, and more. Loot items and gear to further enhance your stats – but do so at your own risk: Cursed items are a thing – and if you equip them, you’ll have a bad time …

Featuring a plethora of customizable modes, MidBoss also offers a variety of accessibility options to address color blindness, enable “queasy safe” mode, adjust screen shake, and more.

MidBoss started life as a Ludum Dare project in 2012. Like our little imp, the game had a habit of ‘possessing’ unsuspecting onlookers – getting them hooked right away,” says Emma ‘Eniko’ Maassen, founder of Kitsune Games. “It’s been gratifying to see the game evolve, thanks to our loyal beta testers’ feedback and support. We can’t wait for everyone’s Death Cards to start popping up on Twitter!”

Key Features

  • Unlock 60+ unique abilities as you defeat enemies and possess their bodies.
  • Explore procedurally-generated environments filled with randomized potions and traps – along with unidentified and cursed items.
  • Choose Quick Play mode for shorter games – or create your own experience in Custom Game mode.
  • When you die (and you will die), share a death card documenting your run; as a bonus, death cards can be used to replay the game with the same seed and settings!
  • Customize your gameplay with a variety of helpful accessibility options.

Pricing & Availability

MidBoss is now available on Steam and itch.io for PC, Mac, and Linux for $14.99. A Windows Store version will be available later this year.

About Kitsune Games

Founded in 2013, Kitsune Games is an independent video game studio based in St. Louis, Missouri. Led by Emma ‘Eniko’ Maassen, the studio is set apart by its queer founder – and it aims to produce games that are as inclusive as possible. Kitsune Games feels that entertainment producers have a responsibility to make the world a better place – and the studio strives to do its part by offering quality games representing individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life.

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