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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with “Heart to Heart” – Now Available on Solitaire Bliss!


Solitaire Bliss, a full-featured Solitaire game available on mobile and desktop, today debuted “Heart to Heart” – a charming, heart-shaped Solitaire variant on Steam and browsers. Solitaire Bliss Collection now also supports Linux in addition to Windows and Mac – and is available on the Microsoft Store.

Steam Trailer:

Launched in 2009 and created by Israeli developer Mongoose Net, Solitaire Bliss is the ultimate Solitaire collection – featuring more than 100 solitaire game variants in a single bundle.


Developer Quote
“There are millions of Solitaire fans out there. Solitaire Bliss is our attempt at perfecting Solitaire for this very discerning audience. To celebrate Valentine’s Day – and to thank our loyal fans – we’ve introduced ‘Heart to Heart’ to the browser and Steam versions. We hope players will enjoy this romantic variant with their special someone … as much as we loved creating it!”

– Assaf Cohen (Founder & Lead Developer, Mongoose Net)


Browser Updates
In addition to “Heart to Heart,” the browser version of Solitaire Bliss now has a ton of new content and features:

  • Seven additional new games
  • Brand-new leaderboards
  • Collectible historic cards from the 17th-19th centuries
  • New game guides
  • Support for the mobile web (smartphones and tablets)
  • Site redesign with more than 50 bug fixes (!)

The Android and iOS versions now include the following languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Czech, and Danish (adding to the already-supported English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Hebrew).

(The browser-based websites are all language-specific and cover English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German!)


Solitaire Bliss At-A-Glance
Games are divided into 7 Solitaire groups:

  • Klondike: Classic Solitaire games everybody loves including Klondike Turn 1, Klondike Turn 3, Easthaven, and Harp.
  • Spider Solitaire: The most popular category on the browser version – with variants such as Spider 1, 2 and 4 suits and Scorpion!
  • Freecell: Classic Freecell with numbered deals – along with Eight Off and Baker’s Game.
  • Yukon: Difficult but challenging, Yukon, Russian, Australian, and Alaska Solitaire are always fun to play.
  • Forty Thieves: Including variants such as classic Forty Thieves and Josephine.
  • Golf & TriPeaks: Fun and fast, Classic Golf and TriPeaks – along with their easy variants.
  • Pyramid: Considered one of the hardest Solitaire games (with only 0.5% Classic Pyramid games being won) – but don’t worry: Easier variants are also available!


Key Features – Steam

  • 106 Solitaire Games
  • Solvable-only game mode
  • Daily challenges with leaderboards
  • Adjustable card size
  • 6 different music themes


Key Features – iOS & Android

  • 23 Solitaire Games
  • Solvable-only game mode
  • Daily challenges with leaderboards
  • Statistics and achievements
  • Many options, backgrounds and card sets


Key Features – Browser

  • 40 Solitaire Games
  • Adjustable card size
  • Solvable-only game mode
  • Daily Challenges
  • Many options, backgrounds and card sets


Pricing & Availability

“Heart to Heart” is available on all browser versions of Solitaire Bliss, which is free with ads. Each site is language-specific. Here are links to the English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese sites:

“Heart to Heart” is available on all desktop versions (known as Solitaire Bliss Collection), which can be purchased for $24.99 and now support Linux in addition to Windows and Mac. Solitaire Bliss Collection is available on the Mac App Store, Steam – and now on the Microsoft Store.


Mac App Store:

Microsoft Store:

The iOS and Android versions are free with ads. Solitaire Bliss is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. (“Heart to Heart” is currently not available on mobile.)

App Store:

Google Play:

Amazon Appstore:



Press Release


Steam – Solitaire Bliss Collection

Download (Steam / iPad trailers)

Screenshots & Logos
(Steam – including “Heart to Heart”)




About the Developer
Founded in 2013 by Assaf Cohen in Tel Aviv, Israel, Mongoose Net Ltd. develops and operates web-based gaming portals that offer quality family-friendly content. The company strives to deliver the very best Solitaire variants to a loyal audience – exemplified in its leading title, Solitaire Bliss. Beyond Solitaire, Mongoose also operates JSPuzzles – which serves hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. To learn more about Solitaire Bliss and Mongoose Net, please visit and

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