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“The only limitation to this app is one’s imagination. Find Justin Bieber irritating? I know I do. Take a photo of him and stick him on top of a body in FaceFighter Ultimate. Instant stress relief!”
-Jennifer Allen (148Apps)

FaceFighter Ultimate Announced; iOS Brawler Goes Free for Maximum Damage


CARLSBAD, Calif.–Put on your fighting gloves and get ready for a bloody nose. Appy Entertainment’s FaceFighter Lite is now FaceFighter Ultimate, a free and feature-packed update to the original iOS hit. FaceFighter Ultimate adds a new user interface, improved AI for Career Mode, weapon upgrades, a new store and much more for the grand price of $0.

FaceFighter Ultimate is FaceFighter totally reworked and remixed. Thoroughly revised and with deeper gameplay, FaceFighter Ultimate’s enhanced AI challenges even hardened veterans with cunning moves and tougher difficulty. Eight new dojos and weapon upgrades make beating comically-styled foes to a pulp as fun – and hilarious – as it sounds.

Existing players will earn Gold from the get-go, an Appy tradition that rewards early adopters with in-game currency. Everyone else earns gold just by playing the game, which the studio calls “pay to play” – gamers get “paid” to play the game instead of the usual money grabs seen elsewhere.

“FaceFighter beckoned to us – and we listened,” says Chris Ulm, CEO and co-founder, Appy Entertainment. “It posed the question: how do you make a stupid fun game even more insane? After thousands of man-hours spent in the world famous Appy Labs, we discovered all we needed to do was come up with a bunch of new stuff, take the gameplay up to 11 and make it all free. There, problem solved!”



  • Career mode AI upgrade: New A.I. will pit players against ever more challenging opponents
  • Battle gold: Repeat play is rewarded with free gold coins that can be used to buy more Fighters, Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Arenas and Judgments
  • Weapon upgrades: All weapons can be upgraded for more powerful blows and strikes
  • New arenas: 8 new arenas to choose from
  • New UI: Sleek and fun to use, the new UI makes it easy to browse all the virtual goods available to players
  • Multiplayer bonanza: Game Center support with achievements

FaceFighter Ultimate is a free update to FaceFighter Lite. It’s now available for iOS owners worldwide.


For more information on Appy’s one-of-a-kind mobile games, please visit http://www.appyentertainment.com/home.html. You can also read the official Appy blog at http://www.appygamesblog.com/.

If you’d like to review the game, please email Luis Levy at luis@novypr.com for some in-game gold.



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FaceFighter Ultimate for iPad

FaceFighter Ultimate for iPhone

Download (ZIP)


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YouTube channel for FaceFighter: http://www.youtube.com/user/AppyFaceFighter


About Appy Entertainment
Founded on Halloween 2008, Appy Entertainment is at the forefront of social media integration, multiplayer gameplay and user-generated content. Appy’s founders spent more than 20 years creating successful original IP that resulted in multiple hits over console and mobile platforms, with more than 9 million app downloads on iOS alone. Appy makes games everyone can play, including players of all skill levels, worldwide.

Appy’s other mobile games include the hits Trucks & Skulls, FaceFighter, Candy Rush, Zombie Pizza and Tune Runner.

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