Ayo: A Rain Tale

Press Kit

Developer:  Inkline

Location:  Beirut, Lebanon

Release Date: November 9, 2017


Retail Price:

  • $9.99 (Windows & Mac)
  • $2.99 (iOS & Android)


Ayo: A Rain Tale


Awards & Recognition

Official Finalist, Best International Game
The Norwegian International Seagull
Short Film Festival

Press Quotes

“I must say that it’s about time some developer finally try utilizing a different kind of visual aesthetic for their game. Thank you, Inkline!” – Billy D (One Angry Gamer)

Ayo: A Rain Tale is a beautifully looking platforming adventure.“ – Chris Shive (Hardcore Gamer)

“The game deftly intertwines platforming gameplay mechanics with the myths and culture of the sub-Saharan desert – introducing players to a whole new reality in the process.” – Jorge Luis (GAMbIT Magazine)

“The art is just beautiful” – KatherineOfSky

“…the fantasy elements are just dressing atop a survival tale about a girl searching for water to bring home…”  – Luke Y. Thompson (Wizard World)

“The game explores the psychological impact of trekking across the desert to carry water and reveals the struggles of millions of sub-Saharan African women and girls.” – Barry White (Geeknifty)

“…beautiful looking indie title…” – Andrew Newton (Flickering Myth)

Review Requests

Click on the following link and choose Ayo: A Rain Tale in the drop-down menu to receive a Steam key: https://novy.promoterapp.com/pub/press

Monetization Permission

Inkline allows the contents of Ayo: A Rain Tale to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Ayo: A Rain Tale is legally and explicitly allowed by Inkline.


Developed by Inkline, in cooperation with Fair Play Labs

Executive Producer: Ghaith Fleifel
Producer: Claudio Pinto
Lead Art: Diego Hernández
Lead Designer: Emilio Monge
Lead Developer: Javier Alvarez
Story: Antonio Gil, Felipe Cartin
Audio: Benedict Nichols

Contact & More Info

Business contact:
Ghaith Fleifel

Press contact:
Novy Unlimited

Official website:

Novy client page:


Embark on a perilous journey to help Ayo fetch water for her family. Overcome challenges and enemies as you explore sub-saharan Africa in a daily daunting chore, gaining skills and wisdom along the way. Experience Ayo’s harsh environment, as she confronts her fears and braves the unforgiving drought in this adventure platformer.

Ayo: A Rain Tale sheds the light on a young girl who regularly carries her tough water-fetching duty with courage. Ayo’s struggle is shared by many girls in Sub-Saharan Africa who live in communities that have no access to clean water. The daily burden of fetching water is carried by women and children, who go on journeys to distant sources and return home shouldering a 40-pound container filled with water for their families.

With no time available for education, many women are denied the opportunity to help their communities or focus on their own personal growth. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 125 million hours are spent each day on water-fetching around the world – leaving girls and women with little opportunity to break the cycle.

Key Features

  • Experience day and night cycles on your journey.
  • Solve puzzles and push through boulders to advance.
  • Withstand the harsh desert heat and fight for strength and emotional balance.
  • Face challenging enemies and confront Ja Thunderstorm!
  • Discover hidden paths and avoid natural hazards such as thorns, lightning, and even lava geysers.