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“Look, Weird Al is right: people don’t know how to write or spell these days. I’m not suggesting that a mobile game can solve that problem all by itself, but there’s one out now that might at least be able to provide part of the solution.” 

-Nick Tylwalk (AppTrigger)



Spell Like a Rock Star in Letter Hero for iOS


SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 16, 2014 – Get ready to solo your way through the dictionary with Letter Hero for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The brainchild of a Silicon Valley insider, Letter Hero challenges players to spell words from horizontally scrolling letters – from right to left or left to right – while raising the stakes with treacherous power-ups and witty achievements. Letter Hero is free and can be downloaded from the App Store starting today.

In Letter Hero, the player aims for the highest score in the time allowed. It may sound simple, but building high-scoring words is far from easy thanks to the ever-present countdown timer and the volatile, game-changing power-ups conjured up by the developer. Standouts include slowing down (and speeding up) time, wildcards, turning all letters upside down, freezing time, multipliers – you name it. Going for a ‘mystery’ power-up hiding behind a question mark may lead to a high score . . . or end in tragedy.

Players who opt to unlock the full version for $1.99 can play Letter Hero ad-free and will gain access to the Wordlist, a collection of all the words played. Additionally (and unlike most free-to-play titles), Letter Hero also allows players to unlock premium features by hitting two specific scores: 200 points (which unlocks the Wordlist), and 350 points (which eliminates ads altogether). Scores can also be greatly improved by unlocking achievements—including the appropriately named Relic Hunter, Freeze Master, and Fingerfaster. (See Achievements.png for descriptions.)

“Skilled players should be able to get more out of the game,” says Multiple Codes founder Kwesi Buabeng. “Knowing that a few of our players were able to hit 350 points in a single game and disable ads would actually make me quite happy. In the end, Letter Hero was created to deliver something new to word games – and there’s no better way to do so than by rewarding our best players.”


Key Features:

  • Unique word-building gameplay; think Guitar Hero with scrolling letters
  • Beautiful art style and fun sound effects
  • Crazy power-ups that make every game totally unpredictable
  • Unlockable Game Center Achievements allowing players to compete for the top spot in the Letter Hero ‘hall of fame’
  • In-game dictionary with millions of words in English, Russian, and German
  • A future update will add Multiplayer and Challenge modes. An Android version is also in the works.









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About Multiple Codes
Founded by Kwesi Buabeng, who moved from Ghana to Silicon Valley to pursue his dreams, Multiple Codes seeks to disrupt mobile games through innovative gameplay and an eye for design. Letter Hero is the studio’s first title. For more information on Multiple Codes and Letter Hero,please visit http://www.multiplecodes.com/.

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