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A prehistoric civ simulator

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“f you enjoy simulation town-building games, city-builders, or civilization micromanagement,
then you’ll probably want to take a look at Welcome to My Cave.”
– Matthew Sholtz (Android Police)

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Welcome to My Cave
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Welcome to My Cave
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Welcome to My Cave
Welcome to My Cave
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Welcome to My Cave


Prehistoric Civ Simulator Welcome to My Cave Out Now on Android & iOS

Start your journey today for FREE

DUBLIN – Dec. 7, 2021 – Error300 Games’ Welcome to My Cave is launching today on the App Store and Google Play!

Experience the humble beginnings of humanity’s first steps into the unknown. Reap the rewards as your tribe progresses from scrounging up the bare necessities to producing the finest technology (and architecture) the ancient world has to offer!

In Welcome to My Cave, you are the young chieftain of a new tribe – setting out to prove your leadership skills to your father. While every settlement starts off with toolmaking and agriculture, you’ll bring a fresh perspective to post-cave living as you develop more advanced technologies and improve the lives of your tribespeople. The sky is literally the limit as your cultural and scientific innovations leap beyond what any caveperson has dreamed up before!

Research and invest in new technology to increase production. Build up your civilization and go from stone buildings to modern dwellings. Maybe you’ll even get to Mars! With more than 100 buildings to unlock, who knows where you’ll end up. Your tribe, your rules! Just remember: A tribe is a terrible thing to waste.


“I’m a huge fan of Kairosoft games,” says Marina Makarevskaya, director and designer at Error300 Games. “I’m not even going to pretend I’m not – because anyone seeing Welcome to My Cave is going to spot the similarities. The truth is that I’ve always wanted to make a game like this. We had to come up with an innovative theme in order to stand out from the countless sims already in existence. It needed to be something that hadn’t been done before. One of our team members suggested cavemen. I thought ‘Hmmm, cavemen simulator…’ – and the rest is (pre)history!”

Key Features

  • Become the chieftain of your own tribe.
  • Enjoy a charming art style.
  • Filled with humorous visuals and descriptions.
  • More than 100 buildings to unlock.
  • Engaging gameplay and intuitive UI.
  • Progress from the Stone Age to the Space Age!


Pricing & Availability
Welcome to My Cave is now available on Android and iOS for free. The base game includes the first year of the campaign – and the rest can be unlocked with in-app purchases.

Full game unlock: $1.99
Premium (full unlock plus Casual Mode): $3.99

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Error300 Games
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Welcome to My Cave
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/welcometomycavegame
Twitter – https://twitter.com/cavewelcome
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/welcometomycavegame
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/welcome-to-my-cave

About Error300 Games
Founded in 2020 by designer Marina Makarewska, artist Rafał Chałupnik and programmer Dominik Kawka, Error300 Games is an indie studio based in Dublin, Ireland. The team consists of six passionate game fanatics who strive to create fun, entertaining games they want to play themselves. In addition to Welcome to My Cave, Error300 has released puzzle games Tangram Collection (iOS and Android) and Mosaic Chronicles (Steam). To learn more about Welcome to My Cave and Error300 Games, please visit https://error300.com

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