Vimala: Defense Warlords

Tower Defense with Turn-Based RPG Combat, Heroes, and a Weather System


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“Overall, Vimala: Defense Warlords is a fun and amusing game with a great variety of heroes to select and many battles to win.”
-Galit Gordon (Gaming Cypher)


Vimala: Defense Warlords Shakes Up Tower Defense with Turn-Based RPG Combat, Heroes, and a Weather System


BANDUNG, Indonesia – Dec. 9, 2014 – Vimala: Defense Warlords, a new tower defense game developed by MassHive Media, is now available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Vimala’s anime look, turn-based RPG combat and innovations such as a weather system and Heroes are sure to make an impression on those craving a new take on the tower defense genre.

Inspired by Brigandine, a classic PlayStation-era strategy game, Vimala has players recruit Heroes and other units in order to expand their kingdoms. Resource management (hiring and upgrading units) is key—while combat requires expert use of AP (action points), items (healing potions, buffs), and strategy. Weather plays a role as well: The Weather Clock lets players know if acid rain is about to hit, which means that players must prepare accordingly! Other weather events include snowstorms, volcanic rain, and even miasma.

Vimala is Brigandine for a new generation of gamers,” says Anggia Lestari, founder and CEO of MassHive Media. “Our goal was to revitalize the tower defense genre by introducing RPG-like combat, going for depth—leveling up both Heroes and units, for example—and adding some really fun 6v6 skirmish gameplay every time players need to attack or defend a fortress. Fans of strategy and tower defense games will find a lot to like in Vimala.”


Key Features

  • Upgrade and defend your capital
  • Build up your kingdom by capturing enemy fortresses and expanding your territory
  • Create your own battle formations for each individual encounter
  • Face enemies in 6v6 turn-based combat
  • Unlock 8+ unique Heroes
  • Collect 40+ items and fully equip your characters and units
  • Experience endless waves of enemies in Dungeon Mode


Game Modes
Vimala includes two major gameplay modes: Skirmish Mode and Dungeon Mode:

  • Skirmish Mode is a strategic tower defense game mode. The Unit and Heroes levels are reset once a skirmish battle has ended.
  • Dungeon Mode is an endless battle game mode. The Unit and Heroes level up automatically.


Pricing & Download Link
Vimala: Defense Warlords is free to download and play—and it includes in-app purchases.

The game can be downloaded from the App Store:










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About MassHive Media
Established in Indonesia, MassHive has built a team that shares a deep passion for video games. Since everyone at the studio plays console, PC, and mobile titles, they decided to create games of their own! Vimala: Defense Warlords is the first game developed by MassHive. The studio’s goal is to bring the classic skirmish tactics genre to the public with lots of polish and stunning 2D graphics. To learn more about Masshive Media, please visit

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