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Draw-Your-Own-Game App “Pixel Press” Releases Playable Prototype


Proof of concept demonstrates the viability of Pixel Press and offers a taste of things to come


St. Louis – June 13, 2013 – The Pixel Press Kickstarter campaign – now fully funded – is proud to announce its first playable prototype, which will allow both backers and non-backers to draw, design, and publish their own video games with grid paper, pencil, and a mobile device. The prototype will be available for iPad devices only; Pixel Press will be released across most Apple and Android devices in the near future.

To gain access to the prototype, users will simply need to visit http://pixelpressgame.com/beta/ and enter their email addresses. Invites will be initially distributed on a limited basis. Once accepted to the beta program, an invite will arrive with further instructions—including a quick “how-to” for TestFlight, the delivery mechanism chosen by the Pixel Press team.

Pixel Press reached $100,000 Friday, June 7 2013. So far, backers have pledged $106,465 – $6,465 beyond the original goal. The campaign, launched on May 7th, has attracted the attention of press and gamers alike—thanks to its groundbreaking concept and the promise of an easier path to game development. Visit the Praise page to see what the biggest and best publications think of Pixel Press.

“The childhood dream of drawing your own games is now more real than ever,” says Robin Rath, creator of Pixel Press. “Releasing a prototype in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign was certainly ambitious—but our team is thrilled to be able to show people that the app actually works.”

Leading educational institutions agree on Pixel Press’ potential as an educational tool. According to Erin Shaw, a K-12 STEM Outreach Specialist with the University of Southern California, “Pixel Press could be very useful in educational classes where students learn computational thinking through game-making.”

Pixel Press is also on Steam Greenlight. Those interested in Mac, Windows, and Linux versions should visit http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=148818112.

Attending E3? You can set up a meeting with Robin Rath for a live demo. The Pixel Press team will also be demoing their prototype from the Ouya Park on Thursday morning.

Today is the final day of the Pixel Press Kickstarter campaign. If the project reaches the $125,000 stretch goal, an Android version will be released day-and-date with iOS in December 2013. To make a pledge, please visit www.pixelpressgame.com or the Pixel Press Kickstarter page. If you’d like to write about Pixel Press, feel free to download the official press kit at http://www.pixelpressgame.com/assets/presskit/PixelPress_PressKit.zip.


About Pixel Press
Pixel Press is an iOS and Android app that lets you draw your own video game (no code required) and share it with others. Unique games are created and played through a simple four-step process: draw, upload & test, design, play & share. The Pixel Press app is designed for parents and kids, teachers, artists, gamers—and kids at heart! Pixel Press is currently in development. Learn more about Pixel Press by visiting www.pixelpressgame.com.

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