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Corporate Warfare on a Massive Scale


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“Its sinister backstory will have you building what the game calls Corporations, mega empires with the soul purpose of – as you can guess – competing with other Corporations for key resources.” 

– Chloi Rad (Pocket Gamer)


Battle for the Galaxy Launches Today: Corporate Warfare on a Massive Scale

Form corporations, battle for resources, and rule the galaxy on Android and iOS


AUCKLAND Sept. 18, 2014 —Ninja Kiwi, a New Zealand mobile and web games developer is  proud to announce that their Sci-Fi massively multiplayer strategy game, Battle for the Galaxy, is now available on iOS and Android. An exciting mixture of base building, resource management, and strategic combat, Battle for the Galaxy offers players beautiful graphics and strategy action on a scale rarely seen on mobile games.

Battle for the Galaxy allows players to band together to form a Corporation, which leads to incredible “corporate wars” where hundreds of corporations battle for supremacy 24/7. In the basic gameplay loop, players: build their bases to increase production of key resources; create a powerful army; and attack nearby enemies. The goal is to steal enemy resources to feed corporate growth and earn medals.

Battle for the Galaxy may be beautiful to look at, but it’s also quite brutal,” says Chris Harris, Managing Director of Ninja Kiwi. “Players can join forces to crush the opposition through military might alone or by playing to their individual strengths. Although we have 50 single-player missions, it’s ultimately the multiplayer gameplay that sets Battle for the Galaxy apart from other strategy games.”


Key Features

  • Free-to-play massively multiplayer strategy gameplay on your mobile device of choice
  • Stunning graphics and visual effects
  • 20+ buildings to build and upgrade; transform your small outpost into a mighty planetary fortress
  • 8 available units—each with unique attack abilities and multiple upgrade paths
  • 50 engrossing single-player missions
  • Recruit an army of Space Marines, Rocket Troopers, Giant Mechs, and Battle Cruisers
  • Team up with other players to form Corporations
  • Launch coordinated attacks on rival Corporations and compete for valuable rewards

Battle for the Galaxy is free to download and play, and it includes in-app purchases to accelerate gameplay.


Download links

iOS (AppStore)

Android (Google Play)



Trailer (YouTube)

Screenshots (IMGUR)

Screenshots (download)


About Ninja Kiwi
Ninja Kiwi created the hit games Bloons, Bloons TD 5, and SAS: Zombie Assault 3 for mobile and web. The studio has offices in Auckland, New Zealand and sunny Dundee, Scotland. For more information on Ninja Kiwi, please visit

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