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BarSim Bartender Game is an interesting premise and an idea I could easily get behind.”

– Patrick Garde (Games Reviewer)



Channel Your Inner Mixologist in Killer Mobile’s Bartending Simulator BarSim

Download it today for FREE on iOS and Android


LAS VEGAS, NV — Aug. 17, 2016 — Bartenders-to-be and and mixology fans can now pour, shake and stir more than 100 popular cocktail recipes in Killer Mobile’s BarSim, a bartending simulator launching today on iOS. Joining the already-released Android version, BarSim teaches actual drink recipes via real-life bartending techniques.

Can you work your way up from a lowly busser in a dive bar to bartender guru in BarSim’s career mode? Put in the hours to purchase/upgrade your tools, and eventually master the art of mixology!

You’ll be mixing like a pro in no time with BarSim’s innovative true-to-life motion gestures that mimic real bartending moves. You can also follow step-by-step instructions and even create customized drinks with a handy Add & Edit feature 🙂

Once your cocktail-making skills become second nature, it’s time to take what you’ve learned online to claim a spot on the BarSim’s Top Bartender Leaderboards — where only the best have a prayer of reaching (and staying) at the top of the heap.

“If you ever wondered what being a bartender is like, you’ll get a kick out of BarSim,” said Joshua Alner, Founder & CEO, Killer Mobile. “Taking the road less traveled is a key value at our studio: We’re all about constantly pushing the boundaries of what a mobile game can and should be. Who knows? Maybe BarSim will help some of its players discover a whole new career!”

Key Features

  • Practice making 100+ popular drink recipes.
  • Mimic actual bartending with gameplay that features true-to-life motion gestures.
  • Compete head-to-head with other players in multiplayer mode.
  • Learn from animated drink recipe tutorials that teach you step-by-step how to prepare drinks.
  • Work your way up the ladder, purchase and upgrade your tools, and master the art of mixology in Career Mode.
  • Experience fun yet educational gameplay and become a master bartender.
  • Customize your speed rack to improve efficiency.
  • Choose English or Spanish and ounces or milliliters.
  • Add and edit recipes with the Recipe Editor.

Pricing & Availability
BarSim is now available for free on iOS and Android devices and includes in-app purchases:
Recipe Editor Unlock – $1.49
Tools Unlock, $.99
Remove Ads $.99
Tool Upgrades .99 each
Deluxe Pack (includes everything) $4.99

About Killer Mobile
Killer Mobile specializes in cutting-edge applications for smartphones and mobile devices. Founded in 2003 by Josh Alner and based in the Las Vegas area, the studio’s fantastically talented team is spread across the globe — and having the ability to choose where you live and work is one of the founding principles of the company. Killer Mobile specializes in sophisticated mobile applications that consistently push the abilities of what most other developers and software companies believe is possible.

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