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A multiplayer tower defense game based on the hugely popular Squadron TD mod for StarCraft II 

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News Item

“While Breach is billed foremost as a tower defense game, there seems to be so much more to offer in this release than most players expect from their average tower defense.”

– Mariah Beckman (Gizorama)


Space Rhino Games Releases Limited Beta for Breach TD (iOS) and Gives Away an Xbox One to Celebrate


We’re happy to announce that the Limited Beta Release of Space Rhino Games’ BREACH TD — a multiplayer tower defense game based on the hugely popular Squadron TD mod for StarCraft II — is now available to Kickstarter backers and select members of the press 🙂

New trailer:

To take part in the beta, make sure that your email address is linked to the new TestFlight (iOS 8 only). Once we hear from you, we’ll inform the developer and you’ll receive your very own TestFlight invite!

To celebrate the Limited Beta Release, Space Rhino Games is also giving away a brand new Xbox One to U.S. residents. Please visit this URL for more information (dates, requirements, etc.):


Breach TD is the spiritual successor to Tyler Johnson’s Squadron Tower Defense, the #1 mod for StarCraft II. Tyler Johnson also happens to be the lead designer on Breach TD 🙂

Breach TD fuses tower defense elements with the fast-paced nature of real-time strategy games. To mount a fight against the meanest Void Monsters around, players first assemble powerful Guardians to create the ideal defense squadron. Like the towers in a traditional tower defense game, the Guardians in Breach TD can be upgraded into heroic Warriors in order to hold off the Void’s increasingly stronger creatures.

Players clash in a fight for survival against the Void — choosing four out of an ever-expanding roster of powerful Guardians to take to the front lines in an action-packed match-up. Commanding these mighty Guardians, and wielding Relics that offer a dynamic array of powers and abilities, players are free to create unique strategies to match their favorite play style.

A match is divided into two major phases:

  1. Building Phase: Players have a limited amount of time to buy and strategically place Guardian units. Upgrading the economic structure is also possible, which allows players to send Rift Attacks to the opposing side, which make for a very effective distraction.
  2. Combat Phase: Guardians defend the base supported by the power of Relics.


KEY FEATURES (Limited Beta Release)
* Heads-up multiplayer mode featuring:

– Improved and more engaging rift attacks.

– More challenging boss battles.

– Crowd-control abilities.

* Completely free-to-play

* A new take on tower defense: You are not passive spectator, but an active participant — using Battle Cards to help your Guardians beat the Void monsters back to where they came from.

* Tactics-based combat: Come up with a Guardian composition that’s perfect for early, middle or late game strategy.


KNOWN ISSUES (Limited Beta Release)
* New Guardian skills system is still work-in-progress.

* Battle Cards and Rift Attacks need to be better balanced.

* The Void is undergoing some polishing — getting new units and an upgraded look.

Future updates to Breach TD will involve the addition of a 3v3 multiplayer mode, cross-platform matchmaking, and team vs. team battles where players can team up with their friends.


Based in Puerto Rico, Space Rhino Games was founded by Michael Hoyos and Alfonso Frontera in 2013 to develop video games for multiple gaming platforms. Breach TD, the studio’s first game, will be initially released in 2015 for mobile platforms — with a PC version following soon afterward. Space Rhino Games’ mission is to develop player-focused, free-to-play games — where the player community reigns supreme. The studio’s goal is to develop smart, strategic concepts that promote team-based gameplay while delivering an action-packed experience that fosters a strong online community. To learn more about Space Rhino Games and Breach TD, please visit and



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