Kash Karnival

A skill and casino game hybrid hub


Royal Wins

“Kash Karnival from Royal Wins is a skill-based casino game, allowing players to bet on their in-game performance, and redeem their winnings for real-world prizes including iPads and GoPro cameras.”

– Brandy Shaul (SocialTimes / Adweek)

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Make Bank & Win Real Prizes with Kash Karnival, a New Skill-based Casino Game

Launching today on iOS


SYDNEY — Nov. 30, 2015 — Kash Karnival is now available on iOS! An innovative, skill-based casino hub hybrid developed by Aussie dev Royal Wins, Kash Karnival allows players to bet on their in-game performance — and with their winnings, redeem real-world prizes such as iPads, headphones, accessories, and even GoPro cameras. The game is also available on Android phones and tablets.

More than a collection of fun mini-games, Kash Karnival includes a healthy dose of storytelling through entertaining cut-scenes that feature the game’s lovable characters — such as Betty, who stars in “Up & Away.”


The Story So Far
Rowan Khan was a famous magician who wanted to use real magic instead of tricks. While searching the world, he found the Mojis — special beings on Moji Island who taught him the magical arts. Enthralled by the power of the Mojis, Rowan Khan chose to fuse himself with the God of the Mojis. He then became a new entity known as “Mojikan” and created the Kash Karnival — a place where he could control anyone’s fortune through the power of the Magick Trinity (hat, cane and necklace).


Kash Karnival is a compilation of different mini-games that test luck and skill. Tying the games together is a carnival setting/main menu featuring different tents that describe the types of games that can be found inside.

As with any respectable casino, the longer you play, the higher the reward — but at the cost of increased difficulty. Each district in Kash Karnival offers a unique experience and is populated with a lively cast of characters:

  • Skill District: put your skills and reflexes to the test
  • Adventure Casino: enjoy a unique twist on the traditional casino experience
  • Lottery Alley: exchange lottery tickets; earn tokens, experience points, and luck – the in-game stamina system.

In the Skill District, players meet Betty — the star of “Up & Away.” Betty has been invited to the grand banquet, but her invitation has been swept away by the wind. Players tap and help Betty float through the city while dodging enemies and structures to reach the Royal Win.

In the Adventure Casino, players can ascend the perilous Mount Kashmore — a slot game with a Yeti guarding the Royal Win at its peak. Players must beware — for if they spend too much time on the mountain, it will erupt . . . forcing them back to the start without any loot.

After collecting lottery tickets in each mini-game, players may head over to the Lottery Alley (home of Ben’s Mystery Krack Stand), where they can exchange lottery tickets and earn Remo coins, luck, experience points, and much more. (Remos are used to buy Kash Rewards, which are then used to purchase physical products.)

“The exciting part of playing our hybrid casino games is what you can win,” says Robert Fong, Chief Operations Officer of Royal Wins. “It’s great when players get to purchase in-game items with their well-earned fortunes — but it’s even better when they can win real prizes such as iPads and GoPros based solely off their gaming skills. That’s what Kash Karnival is all about.”


Key Features

  • Bet on your skills in a variety of arcade and puzzle games
  • Play casino games with skill-based bonus features
  • Cash in your winnings for real prizes
  • Win and obtain lottery tickets to use within the in-game Lottery Alley
  • Compete with other users for the top spot on the leaderboards


Pricing & Availability
Kash Karnival is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The game is free with in-app purchases.


About Royal Wins
Founded in 2014 in Sydney, Australia, Royal Wins is an innovative game studio pioneering skill wagering casino games on the web, desktop and mobile devices. The company’s mission is to radically change the way players experience online casinos. Kash Karnival, a skill and chance hybrid gaming hub, fuses the skill of social games with the wagering of online casinos — providing players with the potential to win much more . . . the better they are.

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