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“The BEST dual stick shooter for Android yet”

– Justin Diaz (Android Headlines)

Ridiculous Action-Adventure “Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny” Announced for iOS, Android


ST. LOUIS – Feb. 26, 2013 – Indie studio Butterscotch Shenanigans’ first major release, Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny, drops players into a feud between gods, equipped with nothing but their wits and a powerful, enchanted monocle that summons exploding animals.

An action-adventure game of epic proportions, Towelfight 2 will beard-slap iOS and Android gamers alike with copious bloodplosions, procedurally-generated levels, insane boss fights, 14 power-ups, and 40 unique weapons enhanced by 80 augmentations. Players can dispatch myriad foes with a cornucopia of laser-blasting bees, speed-boosting unicorns, spiraling praying mantises, whales in heat, and ultra-defensive turtles, among others.

“With Towelfight 2 we wanted to make a face-meltingly deep experience that just happened to be on mobile, rather than make a ‘mobile game’,” said Butterscotch co-founders (and brothers) Seth and Sam Coster. “We looked back on the handheld games we grew up with – PokémonZeldaMega Man, etc — and noticed that the mobile space is the perfect platform for a resurgence of these kinds of rich, thoughtful games. Mobile games don’t have to be casual, and we think there’s a critical mass of gamers chomping at the bit to get something more substantial under their thumbs. Towelfight 2 will satiate that hunger.”

Towelfight 2 is a spiritual successor to Towel Fight of the Gods, Butterscotch’s entry in 2012’s Global Game Jam. One of Towelfight 2’s key features is its shot rotation system, which allows players to mix and match a variety of weapon types into a single clip, then unleash them on enemies in a cyclonic flurry of insanity.



  • Unique Shot Rotation system — Build and customize a rotating clip of ‘Jectiles to burn, poison, freeze, electrocute, pinch, and explode your enemies.
  • 40 unique weapons with 80 augmentations — Dozens of weaponized animals to launch from your glorious monocle.
  • 14 insane power-ups – Mix and match up to three Relics of the Gods, fill them up with the souls of your enemies, and unleash their fury!
  • 10 personality-laden bosses – So personable you will shed a single, manly tear after defeating each one of them.
  • Procedurally generated world – Thousands of rooms with plenty of things to kill. There is no end to the madness.
  • 5 Unique Environments — Including the cute, lovable Forest and the squishy, disturbing Nightmare.
  • 4 Monocles with different firing modes – Want to shoot two ‘Jectiles at a time, or do you prefer a “spray and pray” approach? No matter, we’ve got the monocle for you!
  • 4-8 hour campaign — Plus, for you completionists, dozens more hours of exploration and enough power grabbing to last a lifetime.
  • Featuring gods, a grub, and a pug – A narrative for the ages from the warped minds at Butterscotch Shenanigans.
  • Dungeons for the truly hardcore — The most powerful items in the game can only be found in the depths of Forn’s dungeons. You must earn them, and you will die trying.
  • The Arena of the Gods — Wager coins to face increasingly more challenging armies. The more you wager, the bigger the payoff!

Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny, ordinarily priced at $2.99, will be available for a short-term promotional price of $0.99 for the first three days after launch.


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About Butterscotch Shenanigans
Butterscotch Shenanigans is a two-man indie studio based in St. Louis and powered by brothers Seth and Sam Coster. The studio was forged in the hellish fires of game jams, bestowing upon the brothers a game development secret sauce — a blend of grit and rapid iteration, with a garnish of mouth-punchingly-tasty personality meat chunks.

What does all this mean? The Costers make games faster than you can make a batch o’ flapjacks.

Before starting Butterscotch, Seth and Sam worked at Simutronics on One Epic Knight. Seth programmed like a beast in Unity while Sam did psychological experiments for QA and became the voice of the Epic Knight. To learn more about Butterscotch Shenanigans, visit

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