A New Life

An advanced life simulation game



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A New Life


Live, Die & Live Again in A New Life — a Life Simulation Available Exclusively on iOS

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NOVI SAD, Serbia — Aug. 30, 2016 — Ever wondered if different choices would have led to different outcomes? What if you married at 22? What if you didn’t have kids, or decided to adopt at 50? Life is made of choices — and until now, we’ve all only had a single lifetime to play with. In A New Life — an advanced life simulation now available exclusively on iOS — you can experience countless lives anytime, anywhere.

Developed by Serbian developer Bigosaur, A New Life gives you the opportunity to be rich, poor, gay, straight, young, old, creative, analytical, shy or outgoing. Start off with a randomly-generated character with inherited, customizable traits — including intelligence, beauty, health, and charisma. Choices will appear as you play the game — defining how the rest of your character’s life plays out. Just as in the real world, unpredictable life events will happen from time to time — presenting your character with new challenges and opportunities!

After death, you’ll receive karma points that can be used to modify/improve the stats of your next character. No playthrough is the same: Nature (stats) and nurture (your choices) ensure that each life remains unique. Get ready to live many lives in one — and watch as your characters learn, love, and struggle through life.

A New Life uses a custom algorithm to generate more than 17 billion potential lifetime scenarios,” says Milan Babuskov, lead programmer and CEO of Bigosaur. “Live the life you’ve always dreamed of — or make bold, experimental choices. Go for power and money — or push luxuries aside for a happy family. We hope A New Life will give some players a different perspective on their own choices so far, helping them envision and work toward a better life.”

Key Features

  • Experience a realistic simulation with intuitive and accessible gameplay.
  • Customize your character to your heart’s content.
  • Fuel your imagination as you build a new life.
  • “Relive” past lives with biographies and in-game achievements.
  • Enjoy high-quality original artwork.
  • Choose between one of two possible outcomes in a variety of scenarios.
  • Deal with unexpected events (accidents, natural disasters, opportunities).
  • Share parts of your new life on social networks.
  • Live as many lives as you wish!

Pricing & Availability

A New Life is now on sale in the App Store for $0.99.

About Bigosaur

Bigosaur is a dream come true — an indie studio born out of a love and appreciation for great games. The company’s main focus is and always will be gameplay — leading to deeply engaging interactive entertainment that players can take and play anywhere. Bigosaur was founded by Milan Babuskov — a programmer from Serbia with more than 10 years of experience who wanted to make games since he was a kid. In 2013, he finally had enough financial support to start doing it full-time without risking too much. To learn more about Bigosaur and A New Life, please visit https://bigosaur.com and http://playnewlife.com.

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