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“Drop everything you are doing, grab your smartphones; or iPad; and download Sky Wings!”

– Ahmad Suliman (Region2)


Soar the Skies & Earn Your Stripes in Sky Wings


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — April 6, 2015 — Take to the skies in Sky Wings, a painterly endless flyer created by Dubai studio Woweez. Launching today on iOS and Android, Sky Wings invites you to become a fearless aviator seeking to fulfill your family’s legacy. Can you score 10 million points and become the “Ultimate Sky Wings Champion”?

Clear skies are few and far between: You will need to skillfully maneuver around random obstacles such as stormy clouds, immovable trees, sturdy rocks, stubborn shrubs, other airplanes, and beautiful-yet-deadly floating mountains (think Avatar).

This is no suicide mission. A number of power-ups are available to those who are brave enough to go after them:

  • Boost: A jet engine that propels the plane to incredible speeds high above the cloud cover.
  • Giant Magnet: Attracts coins toward the plane.
  • Red Coin: Doubles all coin pickups for a limited time.
  • Score Multiplier: Doubles the score for a limited time.

“In Sky Wings, you must have lightning-fast reflexes and a daring disposition. The skies are never exactly the same, so being able to think on your feet — or up in the air! — is a must,” says Ahmed Bukhatir, founder and CEO, Woweez. “Can you make your family proud and show the world (and your friends) that you’re the best of the best? Put on your pilot helmet and find out!”


Key Features

  • Fly through a stunning jungle setting.
  • Use fun power-ups to even the odds.
  • Challenge your friends for the top spot in the rankings.
  • Use boosters to break through the cloud cover!
  • Can you collect all of the flight badges?


Pricing and Availability
Sky Wings can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The game is free and includes in-app purchases.

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About Woweez
Based in Dubai and founded by Ahmed Bukhatir in 2013, Woweez seeks to play an innovative and supportive role in the United Arab Emirates game industry. In addition to Ahmed, other Woweez team members include project manager Waleed Hakim, programmer Mohammad Kamran, and game artist Yogesh Shetgaonkar. The studio’s goal is to create addictive, fun and creative games for everyone. To learn more about Woweez, please visit

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