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“The writing is lively and focused, and you’ll quickly grow to like these characters.”
-Kirk Hiner (Technology Tell)

SRRN Levels Up with Ash II: Shadows


RICHMOND, Va.–Indie outfit SRRN Games’ motto is “games as art” — and the studio means it. After several months of intense work, the Virginia-based mobile developer is releasing Ash II: Shadows, the next chapter in one of the most beloved RPGs on iOS, Ash. The studio is on a tear, after working with 7sixty on quirky tower defense The Minor Lords: Archibald & Remus and giving the originalAsh the special edition treatment — with all-new art — in December.

SRRN Games was founded by three graduate students with a passion for game development: Aujang Abadi, Tyler Carbone and Nathaniel Givens. Starting as a small startup incubated within the Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia, SRRN was quick to move from the pentatonic beauty of music puzzler Chimes to the retro aesthetic of Ash. Collaborations with fan favorite Penny Arcade would soon follow (The Last Christmas and The Hawk and the Hare) preparing the terrain for projects with SouthPeak Games, Microsoft, Square Enix, Random House, Smashing Ideas!, Insomniac Games, and KONAMI. The company has other (unannounced) projects in the works and is currently hiring.

“SRRN has grown well-beyond Ash at this point, but the game’s universe and characters will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s very important for everyone at the studio to give the series the conclusion it deserves,” says Tyler Carbone, co-founder, SRRN Games. “WithAsh II: Shadows, we tried to maintain the level of narrative quality that fans have come to expect from SRRN. We also improved the gameplay and gave the graphics a major overhaul in order to make Ash II a proper sequel, something RPG fans can really sink their teeth into.”


Ash II: Shadows features:

  • New story, quests, and characters that expand on the world of Aghaus
  • Classic JRPG gameplay designed from the ground up for touchscreens
  • Dozens of skills and hundreds of potential equipment combinations
  • Beautifully re-drawn HD graphics optimized for iPhone and iPad
  • Heart-pounding orchestral score


Ash II: Shadows will be released as two separate tiers. Gold ($4.99) includes all six chapters, and Silver ($2.99) includes the first two chapters — with chapters 3-6 available for $0.99. All versions can be enhanced with boosts via in-app purchases. For launch, only the first chapter will be available; new chapters will be added every two weeks via title updates.

The game is being published by KONAMI and is compatible with all iOS devices. Reviewers can email for promo codes and/or follow-up questions.


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