Relic Space

Press Kit

Publisher:  Fourfold Games, Aurora Punks

Developer:  Fourfold Games

Location: London, England

Release date: March 9, 2023

Platforms: Windows, Linux (Steam)


Price:  $17.99


Fourfold Games

Relic Space

Awards & Recognition


Press Quotes

“Love space sci-fi and roguelikes? Relic Space blends them together and it’s really beginning to look like a game that’s going to steal endless hours away from me.”
– Liam Dawe (Gaming On Linux)

“If you dig The Expanse then you’re probably going to enjoy this.”
– Gavin Sheehan (Bleeding Cool)

“If you’re a fan of The Expanse you’re going to get a kick out of the game’s ship-to-ship combat and movement, which rely on actual physics.”

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Monetization Permission

Fourfold Games allows the contents of Relic Space to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Relic Space is legally and explicitly allowed by Fourfold Games.


Fourfold Games
Jonah Wilberg
Game Designer, Developer, Writer & 3D Artist

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Jonah Wilberg

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Novy Unlimited

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Rebuild civilization following a galactic catastrophe by completing diverse missions for your faction and engaging in deeply simulated, hex-based combat as an elite starship pilot. Add in realistic movement rules (based on actual space physics) and hundreds of game-changing ship upgrades, and you have a recipe for endless hours of turn-based fun!

Key Features

  • Tactical turn-based space combat: Use your tactical skills on a hex grid with fast-paced ‘one-tile-per-turn’ mechanics – inspired by traditional roguelikes but with a fluid, modern feel.
  • Deep simulation: Realistic combat mechanics simulate damage to individual ship components. Each weapon, engine or utility item can catch fire, leak power, and acquire many more status effects. You will also need to manage heat, energy and fuel levels by making smart movement and equipment choices.
  • Non-linear exploration: Freely traverse a procedurally generated solar system with handcrafted elements; 4 main factions and 7 minor factions pursue research, trade, construction projects, and other goals.
  • Flexible development: Use your growing reputation and influence to acquire more powerful ships and equip them with countless weapon and utility combinations. Acquire new piloting abilities through a flexible skill tree, and research relics to unlock new powers and equipment.
  • Immersive setting: Uncover a rich, branching narrative threaded with endless procedurally generated stories in a detailed setting inspired by hard sci-fi.
  • Real space: Movement rules based on actual space physics: motion in a straight line is free – but turning, starting or stopping will cost energy.


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